A travel advisory, avoid the Abyss

They say hell is hot; well the Abyss is no picnic ether. The mockery of angels that attacked us was as painful as I thought it would be, but due to the way that we worked together we were able to bring them down. But even with them dead looking for a focus/engine that would be dragging the chunk of the Abyss to the prime material plane, somewhere in the Abyss, where do you start? The Abyss is a huge place, it is a plane..and did I mention it is warm here..it is, like unbearably hot. Only by the powers of our priest and mage are we able to stand this oppressive heat.

With not much to go on we spot a pillar of smoke, with Vrocs circling it, with that and a demonic trail heading towards it. We stand around trying to figure a way to get over there. This is something I find that I have to look into. I truly hate having to rely on others for a ride. Hmmm back to thinking about a boat, a nice cool ocean breeze, not oppressive heat and demons wanting to chew on you.

At the pillar of smoke we found the burning wreckage of a building and dispatch the demonic Vrocs, (yes I know that is redundant, but if you saw them they really are demon demons) Wishing to get out of here the warrior handled some other creatures as I searched the wreckage. We found some monstrous bronze doors that opened up into a pit.

So we now are going into the pit. (Yes I know into a pit in the Abyss, also redundant)


Neck deep in the Abyss, demon attacks, strange constructs created out of the remains of celestial creatures, crippling heat, strange landscape, and I haven’t felt better in a long time. I feel complete. I probably should have bonded to my blade much sooner then this, but doing it now seems to have given me a much needed boost before throwing ourselves into this mess. Perhaps it was my imagination but I could have sworn I saw fear in the eyes of the vroc as the blade I dedicated to the Arch-Paladin cut straight through his protection like so much tissue paper. Heironeous and our various other patron gods…hail Pelor…must surely be watching over us as we dispatched 6 vroc when just days ago 3 almost decimated our ranks. But our mission has just started this cursed place will surely test the limits of our mettle before we are finished.

A travel advisory, avoid the Abyss

Just one more, wait, they are all dead… But last time they were so much trouble. Huh, well I guess we are getting better at this teamwork thing. As for where to find the engine, Maybe the GIANT PILLAR OF SMOKE might be a clue. Well no one said this would be easy. May Boccob grant me the insight necessary to end this engine and return my companions and myself to our own realm. Who knows what may lie ahead of us, I hope we are ready for it.

A travel advisory, avoid the Abyss

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