Gallows Pole

Weee Weeee Weeee! I can see how some hapless mage could have taken the top off a mountain! Oh this thing is FUN! I must remember to conserve my energy however. It is draining to augment my spells such. It served for the Bonetaker however. Fortunately no such augmentation was required for the guards in the hall. I have rarely seen Cer’ulnem so pleased with a plan. I almost feel sorry for these Kingsguard, but if they had chosen better in employers they would still be breathing. I hope that we are able to take care of the Tyrant King before they find a way through the iron I placed in the doorway. Fortunately we were able to save the house staff. I only hope that they will remain safe and not be forced to endure anymore such as they have. Not much is to be said for the road from here on out. We deal with the King and anything else that may stand in our way. Dragons or no, this day will see an end. Our group will will make sure of that!


After dispatching the tentacled horror, we made our way towards the stairs, Aldo positioned on the ceiling, Holice below the door. With all my holy strength I channeled at the bone creature spilling out of the doorway Holice had opened up – nothing happened. We took a few swings, Holice got ensnared, then a ball of acid removed the creature from combat. Magically peering into the room ahead, we observed roaming guards moving at a regular interval. Forming a plan to hold them still, and systematically taking them out, we dispatched the guards and discovered a few household staff. One took a nasty knock on the jaw before we ascertained their disposition regarding us, and we gave them a little water and the grace of the touch of Pelor to bring them into healthier spirits. I sent a message along through my god to Belaric, informing of the refugees, and they were led, helping us drag the bodies of the dead out of view, back to the stairs and down them. Belaric should be sending small group to assist the refugees. As we led them down we were informed of the location of other guards and the layout of the castle. Antoine formed a solid metal wall at the entry to the guards area, and we have begun to form a plan to take down the MAN.

Gallows Pole

The subtle blade pushes through the flesh of the beast.

So quiet, so slow, the first creature in his lair was burned from existence, with arcane mastery. Under the first layer of skin of the ancient building, the foul basters that he had corrupted, that serve as his justicars, stomp in their mindless rhythm. But with the blessings of Boccob, Antoine froze their minds and bodies, but their souls, their senses where still awake.

I thought of all the women, children and helpless people they had killed, raped, and kidnapped. I relished every inch of my blade puncturing their organs and let their vile blood spill onto the floor. Maybe, just maybe, when their blood hits the floor of this building that was built with such love of the land, it will be cleansed.

The old house servants, detained, starving, and panicked, somewhere wild. I had to calm one with the basket of my rapier. He turned out to be the head butler, but with his help and his wife the mistress of the maids they were able to get all of the servants down to an escape tunnel to protection.

Which is good, it will only get more bloody from here on out.

Gallows Pole
We stand on the precipice. The usurper king stand close to hand. Our foray into the castle going better then expected. Antoine easily handled the Bonetaker; guardian of the castle’s lower environs. He seems pleased with the new nephilium dagger’s effect on his abilities. And another quick spell from Antoine nets us all the inner guards without so much as a whimper to mark our passage. I know not if these people are true believers of Heironious, faithful to a king who deserves no such loyalty, or merely dupes who stand between a forsworn king and the justice he so richly deserves. I take some small hope in the fact that they could be members of the House Justiare, a house sworn to provide justice to our kingdom who have fallen in with king and used their position to further his goals. How I hope they were members of that House. We encountered royal servants inhabiting the rooms we gained access too. Poor souls not believers in any sense just common folk yoked to a tainted mule, abused and left to die in the traces. Hopefully their trip back down the tunnel to the estate of the Silver Lute will be uneventful. It is our fortune to have found a staircase that leads straight to the royal chambers. Antoine sealed off the only doors to the rest of the castle with mystical iron. Now we just have the corrupt king, whatever troops that support him in his chambers, and whatever foul reptiles that have been bent to his will with which we will have to contend for Justice and Rightousness to prevail. Heironious guide my blade, make my strikes straight and true, slay your enemies with my sword and arm, and let us be done with this quickly as the chalice still awaits our rescue.
Gallows Pole

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