Goblins and Cultists and Dragons..Oh My!

And still the false king is a thorn in our sides. After getting ourselves squared away and our (mostly) booze fueled reunion with the mayor we find out that the king was set aside by our friend and ally Lord Caraway. Instead of having the decency to slink away to another prepared location to strike at the country he has so savagely wronged he turned ten dragons loose on the capital and is laying continuous siege to it. With the collapse of the wall Lord Caraway had no choice but to send a substantial force south to meet the brunt of the on rushing hordes. (Thank you Lady of Flowers for being able to use her magical arts to thwart the brutes advance long enough for someone to reinforce Weeton) So now with nonhuman elements of his army facing an ever expanding force of evil, Lord Caraway has taken his human forces into the capitol to battle the usurper and has called for our aid in dealing with the threat. Once again forces beyond our control have denied our crusade into the south to reclaim the chalice for Heironious. We have a spot of good news however. Our stocks nephilium have grown rapidly and our good smith will be able to craft us weapons and armor for our push south.


What does one say when confronted with the fact that it is needed to face a Dragon? At least its not a group of Dragons… Well, fooey. My teacher the Lady of Flowers has done well to hold back the tide of forces in the south. Soon we will need to the south but first, Dragons. Though my knowledge of them is extensive, I still find myself concerned for our welfare. I suppose it is only natural that we face this threat, seeing as how we have yet to meet a foe we could not vanquish. I only hope that we are up to the challenge, and seeing as how I have the nephilium dagger to aid us I believe the evil tyrant will find his seat not so comfortable.


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