Houses of the Holy

So we have taken on the worst (ish) the abyss has to send, what to do next… we send the unholy artifact that made him so powerful to the most upstanding member of the good godly arena we can think of, Pelor. What does he have to say… um… yes. Ok, so not the definitive answer we were hoping for, but still it answers the whole what to do with this monstrous thing. Well I have read a few things about this plane and I have to say it is certainly not living down to expectations. While we are on the subject of things I read, did you know that many planes don’t run on the same time stream that we experience in the prime material one… wait… how many months? Oh. Well sorry. I guess you guys didn’t know about that. NO! I did not know… for CERTAIN. Well I guess someone should have asked about that a little earlier. WHAT, do I have to think of everything? There are plenty of members of this group who know about the planes… Yes I have heard of that but I have also heard of a plane of nothing but giant assholes that spring nothing but flying pigs… did you know of that one?! Back off! Anyway, I just hope we are in time to stop any problems that may have arisen since our absence.


I am no master of the planes, no grand caster of the magics of Gods/arcane, thus I am so glad that I am out of that abyssal place, and will kill anyone that even mentions a path back there. I feel that it is time to start to weed out those that follow those dark paths, until they pill high enough to cut the head of the serpent off.

I am not sure what other tasks will be set in my way, but they will be sent to what ever gods they follow, if they do not repent their ways. The fellows I have traveled with have been very helpful I hope that our ways stay the same course.

Houses of the Holy

Six months. Who knows how far the darkness has spread? It couldn’t have been helped though. An artifact powered by melting SOULS had to be dealt a killing stroke. I believe that was almost more important then stopping the chunk of the abyss from impacting into the Prime Material. Probably because I have no clue how bad that collision would be. I have faith Heironious has guided us back in a timely fashion. So much to do. So much to plan. How far has the corruption of the king spread in our kingdom? How far have our enemies come across the downed wall? Has the Broken Word been driven from the field or will they continue to be a thorn in our sides? Do we have time for a strike into the southlands to retrieve the Chalice? No choice. We will deal with what we can and endure what we must until we have the strength to fight back. The Gods move with us, we must have faith this is in their plan and continue to soldier forward. In Heironious’s name we will prevail.

Houses of the Holy

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