The Final Visitations

Pelor and Heironeous make their final case.

As the last of the Dragons flies away from the castle they give one final look back at the city with what appears to be disdain. The rest of the castle is deceptively dark and quiet now, and the echoes of the party’s footfalls follow them out.
Exiting the main gate of the castle, the courtyard and then the remains of the city come into view. Soldiers, including Lord Carroway and his entourage are moving across the courtyard and looking to meet up with the party.
If anyone can see it, the Avatar of Hextor is running towards the courtyard and the castle. He is aiming for the fighter and very angry.

The avatars of Heironeous and Pelor stand before the party, having returned the party to full abilities. They speak to the entire group but Pelor seems to be focused on Malven and Heironeous seems to be talking to Aldo and Holice, no matter where they are in the area. Heironeous talks of the Chalice that was taken from him early on in the days of creation. Pelor talks of his own secret child with a demon that seduced him, Black Son, known to all as the Broken Word, slain at the hands of the party. Pelor told only his highest priests and Malven was informed before the crossing of the Wall so that he could make sure they followed through. Heironeous and Pelor have both conspired to bring down the Wall and get the party to do their bidding. That is now over.
The Chalice of Heironeous is his child, a daughter named Hellenaea, who was kidnapped by her uncle just after his falling out with his half-brother, and taken to his Obsidian City. Dyr Temme was then manipulated into building the Wall, trapping the evil below but sealing Helenaea in Hextor’s domain. The two sides were locked on either side of the Wall for thousands of years.

Both sides of the divine divide remain engaged with their followers at the front. Now is the time for a small group to go into the Obsidian City and retrieve Hellenaea. It will frustrate Hextor and tip the balance in the war.

She is being held deep within the Obsidian City, perhaps through a door or portal to another dimension. Neither deity has been able to detect her and now that the Wall has fallen they should be able to.



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