Welcome to The Abyss...Soul Searing Depression Optional but Appropriate

Ahhh welcome to the Abyss. Not here 2 minutes and we are down 2 elves. But I am getting ahead of myself. After I lost Red Wisdom, Antoine began scouring down the library for any indication of what he was after. Baleric took his men and the refugees back across the wall to Weeton before the rest of us tore open reality. The scouts spotted movement in the cottage and after Aldo scouted the premises Antoine and Mulven handily destroyed a bodak. Antoine informed us that whatever else was going to happen that the home plane of the Broken Word was going to smash through into our world in a day and a half. I spent a day bonding to my blade pouring the power of the Arch-Paladin through it to strengthen it for the coming trials. A holy tome of Heironeous was discovered among the books. A tome written in the celestial tongue. Detailing the “chalice” of Heironeous, an object (or more likely a person) that the Arch-Paladin holds dear. Information that makes this mission even more critical. We need to clear up these dimensional anomalies before we can travel to the city that holds the Chalice. We gathered in the chapel for Antoine to perform the ritual upon the alter. Immediately upon completion the northern part of the chapel was filled with thick vines and betoothed man-sized blossoms. Then an insane man lept through the portal. Some insane gibbering and several rapier strokes to the back later and no more insanity. Several more sword strokes and voila no more man eating flowers either. And then it happened. A voice spoke to me. Surely not the Voice of the Arch-Paladin but a messenger none the less. “It is time to assist Aldo with his task.” was the message. Imagine my surprise when Aldo had no idea what I was talking about. But he did fish out the nefilium whistle that was glowing like a beacon. With a resigned shrug he blew the whistle and with that one innocuous action Aldo and I destroyed the Wall that had separated our lands from the ravening hoards to the south. Even as I write those words I don’t know how I feel about that. Surely we have put the peoples of the north in immense peril. But I know that Heironeous would not have instructed us to do this if we had no chance of victory. It may cost me my life but I know that we will push our way through the forces of the abyss and march on to recapture the Chalice. I have no idea how we will prevail in this blasted Pit, but I have faith.


Ahh a day of scouting around, and smoking my pipe, got some reading in and some soup not a bad day. But really if you had the worse day in your life, how could it get worse? Why standing in the Abyss, not the figurative term, like a bad relationship abyss but the geographical location Abyss. Is the Abyss a geographical location or just a physical shift…well just me asking questions like that tells you that I am woefully unprepared to be here. But unless you are the right hand of your God/Goddess, are you every prepared for a journey like this? Really I started off just wishing to remove a corrupt king from a throne. Why/How am I here, I am not a plane walking mage or priest. I never had a desire to be. A nice boat, sailing the ocean, maybe fighting some pirates, the occasional nasty from the depths, but the Abyss?! Really?! Come ON! What ever the Arch-Paladin has planned for me, I have no idea. But I think I might be done after this.

This how wall thing was a bad idea, it is bad enough stuffing a bunch of criminals in a little building, but spiting the planet in 1/2 with a wall…who’s idea was this, it was a bad plan. Even with the little healing I know, letting 1/2 of a limb fester is bad. And this is ignoring 1/2 the planet! Letting it fester and evil just grows if you let it alone.

Sigh, it has to get better right?


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