Malven Opalion

Alabaster Cloaked Priest of Pelor


Human 18yo Cleric of Pelor 6’3" 175 lbs


Malven grew up in Weeton and left his parents care at the age of five to begin training in the Church of Pelor with Father Brand. He has been his acolyte since then, tending the Church grounds and the cemetary, assisting during services, healing the villagers, and anything else that needs to be done for Father Brand.
He always wears full robes during the day and is soft spoken, but always courteous and helpful. He has in recent years been seen training with Mayor Wil in the ways of arms and with Sam Berrydale in numbers and the ways of dealing with ‘businessmen’.
He spent two years in Bighton studying at the Chapterhouse of Pelor, but doesn’t speak of it much, although some of the local young people were very jealous and often ask him what it was like.
He and Father Brand are training a new apprentice, Rickard, so the assumption is that his training will be over soon.

Malven Opalion

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