Boccob's Blessed Book

A Book Of Significant Importance.


By using the spectacales the owner may view the book. This seems a bland description for such a world shaking item. I have never thought that Magic in its entirety could be controlled. Its very existence proves that there is a God who does so. This one Artifact proves that, in fact everything that I have thought of the Divine is changed. This one Artifact has changed my mind that Clerics are nothing but mindless automatons who are granted their power through the devotion that comes of mild retardation. However, now I have a healthy respect for all that is Divine. My eyes are open! While the Zeal of many is still nothing more than serious mental problems, Belief in a God is truly a “higher” calling… hehe. Anyway, I can now honestly say that my true and chosen faith is in Boccob!


Boccob's Blessed Book

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