Transparent Iron



Due to its extremely dense and arcane structure, nephelium takes longer than normal ore to carve from the ground. An experienced miner can dig a five foot facing for one foot a day. This means that for every five square feet of facing on a vein five cubic feet of ore can be dug a day.

Ossington vein
Survey: 25 sq ft facing, 40 feet long (est.), 1000 cu ft of ore (est.), 25 cu ft/day for 40 days (est.)
Work started Ruesday W4 Lydiam FR 1314. Estimate tail-out: Sixthday W4 Kordo.

Whurauk vein
Survey: 15 sq ft facing, 100 feet long (est), 1500 cu ft of ore (est.), 15 cu ft/day for 100 days (est.)
Work started Sixthday W4 Lydiam FR 1314. Estimated tail-out: Foehday W3 Heironide.

Transport and Storage

The Lady of Flowers has made arrangements to transport all ore and smelted bars between the mines, Ossington’s new Smelting Plant, and Weeton where Worthen will work the only Nephelium forge currently running.

The Barn in Ossington has been converted into a warehouse for the raw nephelium ore. It has no locking door as the entire town is surrounded by the Awakened Banyon left by the mysterious Druid.


The Mayors House in Ossington has been absorbed by a piece of the Banyan tree that separated itself from the town wall. It has converted the interior to a functional housing for the Nephelium forge, processing all waste gases and particulates into inert material it reprocesses into the ground. When not smelting Nephelium it can smelt lesser metals at record times.

Ore gives a 30% return in smelted Nephelium at a maximum rate of 20 cu ft a day. The 6 cu ft of Nephelium in six bars is then ready for transport to Weeton for forging.

Nephelium bars have a base mats value of 100 gp/cu ft.

Smelting has been going at pace since Fightday W4 Lydiam FR 1314.


The Nephelium anvil is needed to work Nephelium into Magic Items due to the need to fold it so many times. With the innate hardness of Nephelium a normal anvil would quickly be worn down to uselessness. One blacksmith works ten bars of Nephelium together in a day.

The anvil has been installed in the new Smithy in Weeton. The forge from the hold is being excavated and moved as well. It will be in place for use in three weeks, Fightday W6 Lydiam FR 1314.

The anvil conveys the Craft Magic Arms & Armor feat to anyone with the Craft: Blacksmith feat working on it. This includes all standard magic weapons and armor. All non-weapon or armor magic items require the assistance of someone with the Craft Wonderous Item feat, including Nephelium items.

Nephelium Magic Arms and Armor

The base material costs of forging these items corresponds to the base bonus. Forging takes 1 day/1000 gp cost. Forging times may not be adjusted with skills or feats. 1000 gp in mats = 10 bars of Nephelium. Nephelium items may not be reforged. Nephelium items are never intelligent.

+1 = 10,000 gp = 100 bars = 10 days
+2 = 40,000 gp = 400 bars = 40 days
+3 = 90,000 gp = 900 bars = 90 days
+4 = 160,000 gp = 1600 = 160 days
+5 = 250,000 gp = 2500 bars = 250 days

Nephelium weapons have four distinct magical properties. They must obviously be metal based weapons.

1) They have the appropriate bonus for the level of the weapon. +1 to hit/dam, etc.
2) They are always Keen/Impact
3) They have one or more special weapon abilities totaling the equivalent of the item’s level.
4) They are a Magic Focus or the available bonus levels for 3) above is +1.

Magic Focus: a) +1d6 can be added to any Evocation Spell to a max of the caster’s level at the cost of one spell level point per die. b) Allows the caster to use Metamagic feats to push his spells above his currently allowed level at standard costs.

Armor and Shields:
+1 = 5000 gp = 50 bars = 5 days
+2 = 20,000 gp = 200 bars = 20 days
+3 = 45,000 gp = 450 bars = 45 days
+4 = 80,000 gp = 800 bars = 80 days
+5 = 125,000 gp = 1250 bars = 125 days

Nephelium Armor has four distinct magical properties. Nephelium can only be made into Chain Shirt, Breastplate, or Full-Plate Armor. Shields can be crafted as well.

1) Same as Weapons above but for AC. It also allows two extra dex bonus per armor bonus.
2) Shields and armor always provides Light Fortification.
3) They have one or more special abilities totaling the equivalent of the item’s bonus. Armor and shields each have their own tables.
4) The have Holy Inscription or the available levels for 3) above is +1.

Holy Inscription: a) doubles the item’s magical bonus vs. creatures with at least one diametrically opposed alignment, good/evil or law/chaos or true neutral/all. b) Ectoplasmic Feedback of 2d6 per bonus level of the armor/shield.


A +1 Nephelium dagger:

Materials Cost: 10,000gp
100 bars of Nephelium (or 333 1/3 cubic feet of ore smelted in 16 2/3 days)
10 days of work

+1 to att/dam
Spell Storing (ex.)
Magic Focus

Lesser Nephelium Weapons and armor

A lesser ‘dusting’ of Nephelium can be added to any non-magical Masterwork item. This takes one Nephelium bar and can be done to ten items a day.

Armor and Shields: +1 bonus, Light Fortification
Weapons: +1 bonus, Keen/Impact


Found in rare locations, this material was used in the past by a large number of Dwarves. It has great innate magical power and can be magically adapted to almost any use. Eventually it became a favorite of evil casters, and they wreaked havoc with it. Because of this, the Dwarves stopped using the material to make things for outsiders, but it wasn’t enough. The existing items made of this material caused so much damage over so long a time that it became taboo to all the Dwarves.

Not wanting the knowledge to pass completely out of the world if it should ever be needed, a small group of clans maintained the knowledge and passed it down to an ever decreasing number of apprentices. The only one the party has encountered is Worthen Wharauk, who only worked it a small amount in his youth, but is willing to work it out and read the old books.

The only items known to be composed of the material are the walls of the top floor of the Obelisk, the whistle, Azun’ Gund, and the armor of the great king Dyr Tymme. Legends speak of a dagger used poorly by a wizard as a focus.


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