Observatory of the Obelisk

Top floor of the Obelisk of the winds.


Small round room with a six foot tall and wide pedestal holding a chair and a clear wall of Nephelium, opaque from the outside. Sitting in the chair or just on the column activates the “device”. The person holding it then magically has a piece of parchment in their other hand and proceeds to write there. He can see all the events going on in Bighton and he begins to write them down in chronological order, obviously quite fast. They become dismissive of events going on around them or below in the Ministry’s structure. If attacked they have a DR 20/- which lasts until the combat is over. The page that appears in their hand has a number code on it which gives the date and its number in the sequence of pages. When both sides are written on the page is dropped to the floor where it sits until the room does a ‘purge’ and pulls all the pages below a certain date into storage. The person holding the pen when asked can retrieve pages for someone without interrupting the process and make them appear at their feet on the pedestal. The pen and the wall of the Obelisk are linked and have no uses on their own, other than being clear.


Observatory of the Obelisk

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