The Cleansing Continues

Thank you Heironeous for guiding my strike straight and true into the vile beast who was desecrating your throne. I felled the ettin in one blow, but I wish I could have visited more punishment on it for its crimes. It takes a special kind of evil to keep a holy relic of an opposing religion intact just to keep the defilement ongoing. This place must be cleansed. This temple must be brought back into the fold of Heironeous, if only so we can give it the proper send off instead of it languishing in evil. I tried my best with the throne. I am no priest, but I have hope a sincere and faithful heart will suffice till it is safe for our priest of Heironeous to be brought forward for the ministrations he might lay upon this relic. And finally we get to the demons. An ettin, a Gorgonzola( yes I know its a Gorgimera), and several giant spiders later ( I just hope the bell that fell on me wasn’t part of the original construction) we finally get to sink our blades and spells into actual demons. Smiting true demonic foes is a rare privilege. Few are called to provide this service. Fewer still live long enough to tell their tales. Though our way is barred by some form of golem (or some other of living statue) beyond lies more demons. I can imagine however this honor will end up wearing very thin once we end up trudging though various layers of the abyss trying desperately to cut off the channel between our plane and the demonic realms. May the Arch Paladin guide my blade, strengthen my arm and steel my resolve, there are demons to kill.


Ruesday Morning, W6 Lydiam 1314FR.

Nice Horsey

Over the colorful corpses of dead hell moths we trodded further into this dismal Abbey, looking for Heironeous-knows-what, some chalice or….

What the drak are we walking on?! A building shouldn’t squish! It should be strong and sturdy, like a dwarf. I’m going back to the mountains after all of this.

It wasn’t long, really a corner, before we found our destination, the center of the Abbey, its defiled temple. Aldo discovered some strange sounds on the other side of the entrance, like a barn, but you know, with brimstone. We managed to surprise the intruders, with some surprises of our own.

That was the biggest drakking horse I’ve ever seen. But that wasn’t my concern, we had a plan of sorts, something amounting to slicing, stabbing and burning. But Gerda and me saw our target, a shadowy bastard hiding in the balcony. Obviously he was some sort of foul demon with great magics…cause I…don’t…miss. But after some holy love and a few more shots, Gerda had said her piece. The nice horsey with the stubborn stare met a Death of a Thousand cuts and the hellboars we’re roasted up nice and crisp…damn I’m hungry, that is just wrong. And I’m thirsty, but that is ok.

Now the others debated the next move, go to hell, fight hell here, either way there will be plenty of company.

Hmm, I wonder if I can put two shots and powder at once…


Funday W6 Lydiam 1314FR: Resting in the newly un-filed(undefiled?), consecrated temple to Hextor. 230 cu ft Ore(210+40-20), 54 bars(48+6).


It was a strange feeling, flying quietly and stealthily over the eerie temple grounds. The wizards magic tho godless IS effective. The wicked lizard below that Aldo had spotted earlier was partially blinded by the dwarfs missiles as we flew in. With the bellow that was emitted by the ’lisk we heard the rustle of more leathery wings as it had woke another close by, and it charged at us with all speed. As it descended upon us the first one was utterly dispatched by our brave warrior Hollis and Antoine let loose a terribly powerful magic that disentegrated the evil creature. With the major obstacles no longer impeding us , we made our way to a possible way in that the cape powered shapeshifting Aldo had found. Making our way on, we spied to large stone golems one way, a door and a long hallway to the south. We encountered three humanoids discussing demons and the like, taking two of them out we subdued the third. Dragging him outside the entrance, Pelor and I made certain he would not move and I tended to his wounds so the questioning would go a little smoother, the dwarf near by to assist. As I tended the man outside, the mage, Aldo and Hollis ventured further in, the fleshy walls and floor sunk their feet 6 inches deep with each step. Listening closely, Aldo heard some scuffling behind an opened door. As I was tending to the brutalized humanoid, the following is hearsay. As the door was opened, bright colors and light filled their eyes, and chanting hit Aldos ears, he threw with accuracy at the origin of the sound, striking the foe. A shimmering colorful creature attacked and attempted to wrap itself around the warrior, who resisted.Shooting in a blur from the humanoid creatures staff, Antoine identified a ball of fire and dispersed it, throwing in to the room one of his own. The resulting whoomf of fire dealt the killing blow to the would be, image, and severely injured the two remaining flying creatures. Our brave and effective fighters finished up these opponents quickly and we reconvened after searching the room holding mage and his “hellmoths” and worked the earlier subdued into giving us information, some of it hard to hear,such as the location of a more major temple to the further south below the wall. He also intimated that there be more demons in this building, and I know we will be cleansing here…


Funday Mid-day, W6 Lydiam 1314 FR

Beyond the Wall

Sigh, things are getting truly dark, just when I think my skin is roughed against the actions of evil men and creatures, something dark rears its head. I can understand the actions of war, blades and steel taking life for survival or reward, but this abomination, taking a life’s soul…

We collected parts of the dead for possible revival by their gods, or maybe for some peace at least. We found the loot of these twisted souls as well, a wealth of metal, but even this couldn’t lift the gloom this place brought to me.

It wasn’t hard to find our way to the hole in the Wall, a dark portal that I wasn’t eager to discover what lied beyond. But go through we must.

Great Smith! Can a land get much more disturbing? It is night and day along the Wall, this place is as dark and twisted as the makeshift temple, but covering all of the land. We were able to follow the path to an old Abbey which was obviously attacked. I inspected the gate and grounds, it seems that this Abbey was possibly attacked by some infernal source and the gate was breached by a great force, seems explosive in nature. Aldo took flight (a strange act to watch each time) and brought back his report. The place is well protected, a pack of the Howler beasts and a sleeping creature that apparently is a cross between a dragon and a baskolich, cause each along isn’t bad enough. But he did discover a secret door in the back of the abbey. Using magics we took flight to avoid the creatures on the ground….only to be surprised from below…


Foeday, Fightday, and Sixthday W5 Lydiam 1314FR: Travel below the Wall. 210 cu ft Ore(150+120-60), 48 bars(30+18).
Funday Morning, W6 Lydiam 1314FR.

A Crack in the Wall

Finally we have cracked open the darkness. We have seen it, and it is the underbelly that the chaos wishes to use against us. They have scraped the bottom of the barrel with using these goblin vermin against us. They have even had them bring in there beaten worgs. I never had much love for the worg, but really to see them abuse them for the goblins twisted own needs, gives me even more of a reason to send them on their way.

Funny how some stratagems come from the on the spot battles, as well as unlikely allies. The Dwarf and his new blunderbuss contraption shot a hole through the door that these vermin where attacking trying to get to us and then the wizard shot a fireball through it! That room will smell of burnt hair and grease fires for a long while. I have to say it was a very effective technique!

We did what we do best, clear and move. With this we did come across their unholy place of worship. I am shocked that the Cleric did not snap and try to burn it all down, seeing not just his zealotry with other good gods, but one that is obviously a mockery of Pelor.

We did find that they are somehow extracting souls from creatures, and I believe we found where they do it as well as the monster that has been doing it. As he loomed over one of his victims, The Arch-Paladin guided two of my daggers to the monsters form. But as he felt the bite, he knew he was not going to be able to match our steel and magiks.

He fled like a coward, next time scum, next time.


All before lunch, Foeday W5 Lydiam 1314FR.

If Weeton won't come to the Goblins....

Damn that wyrm Ashardalon to the blackest pits of HELL. Even after centuries of death his claw reaches out to scrabble about in chaos, discord, and ruin. The collapse of his temple of ego has lead to the a breach in the Wall. A breach the goblins have had ample time to abuse to their advantage. Even as we gather our forces in Weeton and begin to map out the rudimentary shape of our campaign against our Tyrant the green skins have skulked through the crack and have ,using vile sorceries no doubt, constructed a stronghold to defend the breach and facilitate the crossing. Fortunately Aldo was sharp eyed enough to discover a secret entrance and so begins our foray into goblin held territory.


Sixthday W4 Lydiam 1314 FR: A day of celebration, prayer, and town comraderie dedicated to Pelor and Heironeous. 90 cu ft Ore(70+40-20), 12 bars(6+6).
Funday, Ruesday, and Fleeday W5 Lydiam 1314 FR: Travel to Oakhurst and then south to the breach in the Wall. 150 cu ft Ore (90+120-60), 30 bars(12+18).
Foeday W5 Lydiam: Morning.

You Can't Go Home

Aye, I suppose it is time for me to add to my little book of deeds. We’ve been quite busy since we found the vein, the team of my brethren have been active already, surveying and planning. We had ran into that bloody mockery of a king, oh that reminds me.

pulls out an impossibly large tome, flips halfway through and scribbles a name

Aye, you’re in the Book now, hmph.

closes the book with a thump and somehow puts it away into a pack half its size

Anyhow, we learned that it will take quite a bit of our find to prepare the beautiful ore, a special forge and anvil to handle the strength of the metal. But, there might be another way, an ancient dwarven hold where they worked the precious nephelium. If we could get their forge and anvil it would save us those costs.

With Blackwell’s magic we found ourselves in the ruins of this dwarven hold. At once I was taken back, it has been so long since I’ve been home, I could tell this had once been a majestic hold full of history and myths, before some cataclysm destroyed it all. But there was no time to daydream, we were here on a mission.

We were barely out of the first room of our search when we found the remains of a dwarven child, and an unwelcome surprise, two abominations that refused to fall to our blades and bolts. Eventually we were able to dispatch these back to hell and continue our search. We eventually found the anvil, buried in rubble, and then the forge itself. Most importantly we found another vein.
We took this knowledge back to Weeton and Worthen to plan our next steps…


Fleeday W4 Lydiam 1314 FR: Talking with the Blacksmith of Nephelium and Planning. 40 cu ft ore(15+25).
Foeday W4 Lydiam 1314 FR: Sol works the forge all day and everyone else makes teleport trips to Bighton for shopping. 65 cu ft ore(40+25).
Fightday W4 Lydiam 1314 FR: The party journeys to Whurauk Hold to retrieve the Nephelium Anvil as well as the Clan Forge, and Nephelium Furnace. 70 cu ft ore(65+25-20), 6 bars.

What the heck is going on?

Since the party met with Lord Carroway they have traveled to the Northwest, solved the mysteries of the Standing Stones, found a vein of Nephelium, met a druid who came to trace the power of the rings and brought word that the elves of the west were not going to venture out of their airy realms, almost lost the wizard in a teleportation mishap, attracted a group of Grugach to follow them South to the Wall, spotted the kings banner and some sort of dragons with harnesses and saddles, learned that Aldo was suddenly a wanted man, hired some dwarven miners at 10% of finished ore, set them to mining the nephelium in Ossington, and returned to Weeton to find it full of men working for Blaeric. They began setting up the blacksmithing operations with the dwarf from Bighton and met with the Mayor and Blaeric. Blaeric is ready to plan his expedition below the Wall and he wants to begin by backtracking the goblins that attacked the party on their way out of the area so long ago. They did not seem to be normal to the area and were aparently just a precurser to a string of attacks on the area by humanoids.


Funday, W3 Lydiam midday to Late Fightday: Travel from Lord Carroway’s camp to Ossington area.
Fightday night spent at Old Tarbee’s farm.
Sixthday, W3 Lydiam: Ossington and travel to the Silence Keepers, fallen Trilithid near town.
Funday, W4 Lydiam: All the major events in Ossington.
Ruesday, W4 Lydiam: Visited the farms outside Ossington, Wizard was caught in a teleportation web, and the party returned to Weeton, finding the Mayor and Blaeric in the Crafty Cat. Mining began in Ossington, 15 cu ft ore.

To the Dwarves

Funday, W2 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Late Evening

The papers about Nephelium talk about its properties and what can be done with it. A wizard is said to have tried to use a dagger of it as a magical focus and his simple fireball spell took off the top of a mountain and killed him and all his allies as well. It mentions not mentioning it to all Dwarves as it is abhorred by most normal Dwarves. How it had one weakness but not what it was. And while the papers talk about the materials needed for the construction, any magic writings, spells needed, or what it actually does in the Obelisk are not present. It mostly talks about finding the Dwarven clan in the north that has the secret.

Observitory of the Obelisk. Sitting in the chair or just on the column activates the “device”. The person holding it then magically has a piece of parchment in their other hand and proceeds to write there. He can see all the events going on in Bighton and he begins to write them down in chronological order, obviously quite fast. They become dismissive of events going on around them or below in the Ministry’s structure. If attacked they have a DR 20/- which lasts until the combat is over. The page that appears in their hand has a number code on it which gives the date and its number in the sequence of pages. When both sides are written on the page is dropped to the floor where it sits until the room does a ‘purge’ and pulls all the pages below a certain date into storage. The person holding the pen when asked can retrieve pages for someone without interrupting the process and make them appear at their feet on the pedestal. The pen and the wall of the Obelisk are linked and have no uses on their own, other than being clear.

The Ministry’s facilities sport a full arcane laboratory missing only the library.

As they leave the sewers, the party immediately sees a group of black robed figures coming to them. Some can see glowing worms in the folds of the robes. There is one pedestrian on the street between. One of the closest figures raises an arm and fling a glowing object on the person. They immediately begin to burn up as the worm crawls back to the figure. The other robed figures begin raising their hands. They seemed focused on Aldo.

Nareis is happy. She provides all the business and reward she promised before and when shown the Scepter of the Clouds she sends them to the Temple of Obad-Hai. The priest there rewards them with 5k. Nareis also informs them of a visitor who invited them to breakfast.

Ruesday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

He is Blaeric the Sweet back from the prison. He tells them there is hard evidence the king works with hextor after his prison mission and he believes the robed worms were from them too. He is planning a foray below the Wall soon and wants them to come. He believes the Agents of Hextor came from there but he heard of it from the kings court. He needs a month to settle things in the Capital before he can go however and he wants the party to find info in the meantime and he will meet them in Weeton the second week of Kordo with all the info he can get about the realm below the Wall. He then tells them they should spend the next month among the Dwarven clans. The pally whose gear they are transporting came from the capital but his father, Lord Carroway, is a great general campaigning with the Dwarves against their enemies in the north. Helping him may be good cover for visiting the Dwarven lands.

Holice begins visibly wearing a holy symbol of Heironeous. Antoine has a new familiar, a blue crystalline lizard that has sapprine scales and piercing azure eyes. Aldo has begun sporting more swashbuckler type clothes, improving the appearance of his garb. The Dwarf, Sol, is carrying a strange device on his hip that has a handle and a trigger, and grinning a lot. He has also made introductions with Dwarven Mastersmith, Worthen Whurauk. He is prepared to move his smithy to Weeton when the party achieves the location of Nephelium.

The team heads out for the North.

Fleeday thru Sixthday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

Uneventful travel north, with Malven spending Sixthday praying.

Funday, W3 Lydiam, FR 1314


When they get to Lord Carroway, he is resting in between drives into the northern realms and asks them to check out the elves to the west. He wants to know if they are going to attack from that direction while he and the Dwarves are engaged in the north.

Stupid Sorcerer Retrieval
I can see EVERYTHING!!

Funday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

After Malven Stoneshaped a channel through the unworked granite block, Aldo crawled through with his rapiers tied to his feet. He came out in a round room with carvings in the walls depicting the Ministry of the Winds, and telling how great they were. There were also carvings in the wall so deep as to make climbing a snap. A thorough search of the room revealed a poorly hidden trap door in the floor and a gap in the ceiling one could climb through.

After making the hole twice as big to allow the rest of the party to crawl through, Malven sealed it back up again. By this time Aldo had scouted the room above and seen a similar room above that, although the gap in this room seemed to sparkle like stars. When the rest of the party had either climbed, flown, or been pulled up to the second room, Aldo pulled himself up through the second hole.

The room on the other side was quite different from the first two. The small, circular chamber was devoid of other entrances and dominated by a six foot wide and tall, stone column rising from its center. Upon this column sat a four armed vaguely humanoid creature, whose face bore mandibles of black and skin scales of red. It wrote upon a large leaf of parchment it had in its hand and the floor was strewn with similar sheets that rose to mid-calf. The walls surrounding this room were crystal clear and the sparkling the group saw was the night sky shining through. This was noted but the party wanted to speak with the being first.

The party arranged itself around the strange creature, with Holice taking the facing most position as usual, and began to address it. At the first word the creature lept from the raised column, grabbing the two short swords at its feet, and dropped to attack Holice, his faded yellow robe flapping behind for dramatic effect.

Killing the creature was difficult but not impossible, and the group kept the body to see if it held some value or knowledge. Before heading back down the group looked around this uppermost chamber of the Obelisk. The papers were a collection of notes on everything that has happened in the city of Bighton, outside of this tower, for the last eight months. It also indicated that it was just the end of the catalogue and was very easy to peruse as every page was notated with its page in the whole and the date on which it documented events. These parchments were gathered up and the pen the creature had been holding as well.

They then returned to the bottom of the rooms and moved into the underground structure. After passing a couple rooms dedicated to nothing more than the aggrandizement of the Ministry of the Winds, some of which seemed to have been written more recently, they come to a room filled with ogre sized zombies and constant winds. Malven attempted a turning but was only able to affect one. They decided to back out and when the zombies didn’t follow them through the door they decided to pass them and leave through another door. Again, they were not followed so they left the zombies behind.

At this point an attack came. From out of thin air bolts of energy coalesced and streaked down the hall to strike them. Where they came from stood a sorcerer preparing another spell. They attack with some ranged attacks and Holice charged down the hall to return the favor but did not quite make it. From the air a huge greataxe appeared and struck him in mid charge. Holding it was a Minotaur. Holice fought it down as the sorcerer ran around a doorway and Aldo gave chase.

As Aldo turned the corner a large wolf bounded out of the room and hit him. Easily dispatched Holice joined him to see a woman and another, larger wolf-like creature. A great battle ensued but the result was never really in doubt. The second wolf which turned out to be a Barghest, was killed and the woman captured. The sorcerer, who turned out to be Narev, was found in a collapsed stairwell off the room whimpering. He seemed to be Narev but when returned to the room a Ministry wizard reasserted control.

After tying the two prisoners up, now definitely ID’d as Narev and Justina, the group looked around and found the treasure horde. Amongst the treasures they found were papers from the founding of the Ministry and the Sceptre of the Winds mentioned in the newest ravings carved into the first rooms.

The papers talk about an early alliance with forces of darkness who give them knowledge about a new tool. Nephilium, or clear iron. They also have a list of seven Dwarven clans in the mountains to the north. These are: Torgrim, Jarim, Bazkas, Elut, and Whurauk.

It is Funday evening.


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