Prisoner Escort


After being healed by Malven the group returns to the Mayor’s Hall with the prisoner in tow. Mayor Wil is very happy to see them.

The prisoner’s clothes are rags that were once fine silks.

He takes them over to Unlimited Mercantile explaining on the way that Sam Berrydale has a large cellar with a few rarely used cells. The prisoner will be more than comfortable. The Mayor says that Aldo Swiftfellow must have seen the cells, which he has.

When they get there Sam leads them down to the cellar. It is obviously larger than the building above and has several areas that are curtained or doored off. Sam asks the Mayor if the group could stand guard on the prisoner and the Mayor tells them they should set a watch here, although they can sleep in their own beds when not on their watch if they want.

The prisoner manages to make a lute appear in his cell while Aldo sets up some traps around the room.

During the night they will have learned Blaeric’s name. He tells them a story about how he was a popular bard who sang the wrong song and got sent to the Wall undeservedly. He is fuzzy on the details and thinks he may have killed a guard trying to get away but it wasn’t his fault.

Before morning there is a giant rat attack from the tunnels. These enormous rats look bigger and more vicious than most dogs. They have coarse, spiky fur, malevolent eyes, and long, naked tails. Sam arrives just as it finishes up and gets the group to help him board up that particular tunnel. He won’t say where it leads but says it isn’t important right now.


Fightday, Week Three Phytonral, 1314 FR

The next day Mayor Wil has a cart ready for the party. It has a ring bolted to the bottom for the chains on Blaeric, and was pulled by two horses. There are also light horses for each of the others who wishes to ride. He also gives them a map of the countryside showing the hunting track that circles past the Wall and Storetregayte Prison and then swings back over near Weeton. It should get them to the prison with little to no contact with travelers.

They will need to camp four times and should arrive in Storetregayte Prison midday of Fleeday, Week Four Phytonral, 1314 FR, barring any delays. Blaeric will sing the whole way and the party feels bolstered by it all the way to the prison.

The Prisoner who could not rest in peace

Foeday in the 3rd week of Phytonral, 1341 FR

Our party had reasonable excuse to be hanging out with Mayor Wil, be it training, delivering missives or providing healing.
A prisoner transport caravan arrived to town, conspicuously missing its prisoner. Apparently House Justaire, keepers of laws of the realm, had decided to hire mercenaries who were more skilled at giving lip rather than keeping their charge. Of course, the caravan was also accompanied by guards of the royal house, who remained in gleaming armor, held their shields with the royal three-headed dragon high, and refused to acknowledge the mercenaries’ jibes, our own questions, or really that their assignment had lead them to a little hamlet of little consequence.
Wil, and later our party, learned the details of the prisoner. A somewhat skilled fighter, the former soldier was found to have killed the wrong soldier, and so he was to be transported to the Wall. Wil enlisted our plucky group to go find the soldier, quickly informing the other town leaders to join in his push to get us to track the prisoner into the Old Graveyard.
Father Brand knows well that the Old Graveyard is much like a crop field that has been lightly tilled, except that instead of the random squash or onion growing, undead will unpredictably spring up from the ground.
Fortunately, this trek could easily be concluded if we started in the early afternoon.
Unfortunately, we still ran into undead, in the form of ten to twelve skeletons.
- cue battle music
- epic battle
- cue victory theme
We picked up the trail of the prisoner, who apparently saw the initial stirrings of the skeletons, and was relieved to be captured by living pursuers.
When we returned to Weeton, we were delighted to learn that capture of the prisoner was only the first part of our job. Now our duties include escorting the prisoner to Storetrugate prison at the Wall…

Sunday, January 16th 2011
Foeday, Week three Phytonral 1314 FR

The Lost Prisoner

Growing up Wee.
Doesn't everyone live near the Wall?

Life in Weeton has been idyllic until now. Growing up here seems like the most normal thing in the world. The people in town don’t change, the town doesn’t change, and the Wall doesn’t change. Children grow up, apprentice to one of the four town leaders, and then choose how to seek their fortune. The only disturbance is the occasional drunk merchant guard or argument between the meanest couple in town. No one in town is ever sent to the Wall although the Law of the Realm is known to hold here as in other regions. Father Brand says that it is the blessing of Pelor that life is peaceful, but the average opinion in town is that being off the beaten path of the Realm is the true cause. The only travelers found in Weeton are going to or coming from Bighton.


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