To the Dwarves

Funday, W2 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Late Evening

The papers about Nephelium talk about its properties and what can be done with it. A wizard is said to have tried to use a dagger of it as a magical focus and his simple fireball spell took off the top of a mountain and killed him and all his allies as well. It mentions not mentioning it to all Dwarves as it is abhorred by most normal Dwarves. How it had one weakness but not what it was. And while the papers talk about the materials needed for the construction, any magic writings, spells needed, or what it actually does in the Obelisk are not present. It mostly talks about finding the Dwarven clan in the north that has the secret.

Observitory of the Obelisk. Sitting in the chair or just on the column activates the “device”. The person holding it then magically has a piece of parchment in their other hand and proceeds to write there. He can see all the events going on in Bighton and he begins to write them down in chronological order, obviously quite fast. They become dismissive of events going on around them or below in the Ministry’s structure. If attacked they have a DR 20/- which lasts until the combat is over. The page that appears in their hand has a number code on it which gives the date and its number in the sequence of pages. When both sides are written on the page is dropped to the floor where it sits until the room does a ‘purge’ and pulls all the pages below a certain date into storage. The person holding the pen when asked can retrieve pages for someone without interrupting the process and make them appear at their feet on the pedestal. The pen and the wall of the Obelisk are linked and have no uses on their own, other than being clear.

The Ministry’s facilities sport a full arcane laboratory missing only the library.

As they leave the sewers, the party immediately sees a group of black robed figures coming to them. Some can see glowing worms in the folds of the robes. There is one pedestrian on the street between. One of the closest figures raises an arm and fling a glowing object on the person. They immediately begin to burn up as the worm crawls back to the figure. The other robed figures begin raising their hands. They seemed focused on Aldo.

Nareis is happy. She provides all the business and reward she promised before and when shown the Scepter of the Clouds she sends them to the Temple of Obad-Hai. The priest there rewards them with 5k. Nareis also informs them of a visitor who invited them to breakfast.

Ruesday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

He is Blaeric the Sweet back from the prison. He tells them there is hard evidence the king works with hextor after his prison mission and he believes the robed worms were from them too. He is planning a foray below the Wall soon and wants them to come. He believes the Agents of Hextor came from there but he heard of it from the kings court. He needs a month to settle things in the Capital before he can go however and he wants the party to find info in the meantime and he will meet them in Weeton the second week of Kordo with all the info he can get about the realm below the Wall. He then tells them they should spend the next month among the Dwarven clans. The pally whose gear they are transporting came from the capital but his father, Lord Carroway, is a great general campaigning with the Dwarves against their enemies in the north. Helping him may be good cover for visiting the Dwarven lands.

Holice begins visibly wearing a holy symbol of Heironeous. Antoine has a new familiar, a blue crystalline lizard that has sapprine scales and piercing azure eyes. Aldo has begun sporting more swashbuckler type clothes, improving the appearance of his garb. The Dwarf, Sol, is carrying a strange device on his hip that has a handle and a trigger, and grinning a lot. He has also made introductions with Dwarven Mastersmith, Worthen Whurauk. He is prepared to move his smithy to Weeton when the party achieves the location of Nephelium.

The team heads out for the North.

Fleeday thru Sixthday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

Uneventful travel north, with Malven spending Sixthday praying.

Funday, W3 Lydiam, FR 1314


When they get to Lord Carroway, he is resting in between drives into the northern realms and asks them to check out the elves to the west. He wants to know if they are going to attack from that direction while he and the Dwarves are engaged in the north.

Stupid Sorcerer Retrieval
I can see EVERYTHING!!

Funday, W2 Lydiam, FR 1314

After Malven Stoneshaped a channel through the unworked granite block, Aldo crawled through with his rapiers tied to his feet. He came out in a round room with carvings in the walls depicting the Ministry of the Winds, and telling how great they were. There were also carvings in the wall so deep as to make climbing a snap. A thorough search of the room revealed a poorly hidden trap door in the floor and a gap in the ceiling one could climb through.

After making the hole twice as big to allow the rest of the party to crawl through, Malven sealed it back up again. By this time Aldo had scouted the room above and seen a similar room above that, although the gap in this room seemed to sparkle like stars. When the rest of the party had either climbed, flown, or been pulled up to the second room, Aldo pulled himself up through the second hole.

The room on the other side was quite different from the first two. The small, circular chamber was devoid of other entrances and dominated by a six foot wide and tall, stone column rising from its center. Upon this column sat a four armed vaguely humanoid creature, whose face bore mandibles of black and skin scales of red. It wrote upon a large leaf of parchment it had in its hand and the floor was strewn with similar sheets that rose to mid-calf. The walls surrounding this room were crystal clear and the sparkling the group saw was the night sky shining through. This was noted but the party wanted to speak with the being first.

The party arranged itself around the strange creature, with Holice taking the facing most position as usual, and began to address it. At the first word the creature lept from the raised column, grabbing the two short swords at its feet, and dropped to attack Holice, his faded yellow robe flapping behind for dramatic effect.

Killing the creature was difficult but not impossible, and the group kept the body to see if it held some value or knowledge. Before heading back down the group looked around this uppermost chamber of the Obelisk. The papers were a collection of notes on everything that has happened in the city of Bighton, outside of this tower, for the last eight months. It also indicated that it was just the end of the catalogue and was very easy to peruse as every page was notated with its page in the whole and the date on which it documented events. These parchments were gathered up and the pen the creature had been holding as well.

They then returned to the bottom of the rooms and moved into the underground structure. After passing a couple rooms dedicated to nothing more than the aggrandizement of the Ministry of the Winds, some of which seemed to have been written more recently, they come to a room filled with ogre sized zombies and constant winds. Malven attempted a turning but was only able to affect one. They decided to back out and when the zombies didn’t follow them through the door they decided to pass them and leave through another door. Again, they were not followed so they left the zombies behind.

At this point an attack came. From out of thin air bolts of energy coalesced and streaked down the hall to strike them. Where they came from stood a sorcerer preparing another spell. They attack with some ranged attacks and Holice charged down the hall to return the favor but did not quite make it. From the air a huge greataxe appeared and struck him in mid charge. Holding it was a Minotaur. Holice fought it down as the sorcerer ran around a doorway and Aldo gave chase.

As Aldo turned the corner a large wolf bounded out of the room and hit him. Easily dispatched Holice joined him to see a woman and another, larger wolf-like creature. A great battle ensued but the result was never really in doubt. The second wolf which turned out to be a Barghest, was killed and the woman captured. The sorcerer, who turned out to be Narev, was found in a collapsed stairwell off the room whimpering. He seemed to be Narev but when returned to the room a Ministry wizard reasserted control.

After tying the two prisoners up, now definitely ID’d as Narev and Justina, the group looked around and found the treasure horde. Amongst the treasures they found were papers from the founding of the Ministry and the Sceptre of the Winds mentioned in the newest ravings carved into the first rooms.

The papers talk about an early alliance with forces of darkness who give them knowledge about a new tool. Nephilium, or clear iron. They also have a list of seven Dwarven clans in the mountains to the north. These are: Torgrim, Jarim, Bazkas, Elut, and Whurauk.

It is Funday evening.

A foul wind blows.
Just go UNDER the wind.

Sixthday, W1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Malven was able to remove the spiritual taint from the sanitarium and Zander arrived to let the party know that there were already locals and some priests coming from Bighton who would complete the procedure. The building was to be used at first to help anyone hurt in the undead attacks and then perhaps a new sanitarium that doesn’t admit necromancers.

The day’s cleansing and prayer passed uneventfully for the rest of the party.

Funday, W2 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Zander asked the party if when they went into Bighton they might stop and see a friend of his, Nareis the Sorceress. She had a problem that hopefully they could help with.

In Bighton the group had no trouble with any locals. The town was rather large but not so large as to be unnavigable. Nereis had the largest shop in the market area and young clerks to meet visitors at the door.

Zander’s friend Nareis offered to buy all their treasure at full market prices, discount her wares 10% from market price, and reward the party 5k gp for finding her brother Narev. He was very interested about the Obelisk of the winds.

Aldo went to visit the Temple of Heironeous, Malven payed respect to the Temple of Pelor, Holice met Sol at the Dwarven Blacksmith’s shop where they check out his Admantium wares, and Antoine stayed at the Magic shop to sell Nareis the necromancer’s spellbook. Holice got a room at the Boot and the Bell and they all met there.

They learn of the possibility of underground tunnels and Aldo goes to question the local thieves’ guild. For a price they told him of Narev coming there in previous months and getting information on the sewers near the Obelisk. They went there later and tried to get in but could find nothing. Aldo began to search on his own and found a secret door with a 10′ × 10′ block of granite with chisel marks where someone tried to break through it.

The party came down and looked at the granite block. Working together Sol and Antoine figured out that this was not cut into the spot and if it was magically created it was either a very high level spell caster or someone boosting their caster level.

It is late afternoon.

What's in the rift?
It's so dark in here...and here...and here.

Fightday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Sanitarium basement

Late into the night the party fought a room of shadows. Malven turned three of them and they moved to the corners of the room but did not leave. They quickly dispatched the fourth and then his companions as well. Moving around to the west side of the basement they went into a door that opened into some catacombs. Aldo snuck around the wall and spied a ghostly figure sitting on a makeshift throne.

The figure on the throne was speaking to a collection of undead about his plans to take over the world. His plans seemed outlandish and wild but he seemed serious about it, although he did speak about a rift of darkness. Aldo listened to what he had to say and then returned to the group. Leaving him to his ravings they moved across the hall and found a small labyrinth. At it’s center sat a spinning disc of darkness hovering above a pool of blood. Guarding the rift was a shadow like creature that seemed to be made of spiky charcoal clouds.

The new creature charmed the dwarf and made him see a beautiful woman, to him anyway. Malven turned it and the rift which began to close. Holice chased the creature into the corner to kill it with Sol asking him plaintively, “Why?” The room was sealed to allow them to rest after the closing finishesd. As the rift was about to close the last inch a howling came through the walls of the room. A large version of the man on the crate built throne came through the walls to attack the party and the rift stayed open that last inch.

Using the planar sword and magic to destroy the creature the rift closed. The environment immediately seemed lighter. The party rests and everyone has fitful dreams.

Sixthday, W1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

In the morning everyone relates their dream experiences and Malven tells them of his belief that Pelor took Azan-Gund. He then begins speaking prayers and psalms to Pelor. He continues as the building is searched and cleared of remains.

Entering the Sanitarium
More fun than a Stephen King Prom!!

Using the d20 module “Dead Man’s Party”

Fightday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Evening. The party watched as group of zombies and skeletons moved down the hill from near their position, across the valley on the trail, and up the other side to the large manor style house on the crest of the next hill. They followed the undead and tried to blend in to their rear flanks. When the group and their newest members reached the large front door to the building they slammed on it until it was opened from within by a strange ghoulish creature who welcomed them and bid them enter.

The party went into the lit interior of the building and moved down the hall away from the door with the group they were seen to be with. The disguises that Zander had placed on them worked enough to fool them all including the ghoul at the door welcoming new friends.

Passing a brazier in the center of the two crossed hallways, the group of undead rounded the left hand corner and immediately moved into the room through the south door. Inside they found a collection of zombies and skeletons, none of which gave them a second glance as they entered. The undead within were engaged in what can only be called a formal party. Four zombies were playing music and the rest were engaged in various party activities, dancing, eating ‘snacks’, and drinking ‘punch’.

Leaving that room they looked into the north room and found a man sitting on an old bed. He looked up at them and they saw he was an undead. He showed no interest in them and returned to holding his head in his hands. The disguises continued to work.

The last door down this hall led to a room containing nothing except pipes leading from floor to ceiling along the north wall. These pipes were all stained with a rust like substance. The party left this room and moved down the stairs to the basement of the sanitarium.

In the hallway at the bottom of the stairs the party found several doors and on ogre ghoul who saw through their disguises. They killed him and took his keys to the surrounding rooms.

Through the farthest door at the end of the east tunnel they found a group of ghouls having a polite dinner party. Zombies were serving blood in glasses from the connecting room, where a larger zombie was scooping it out of a barrel fed from the ceiling in a small room. After finding a stock of items stashed in the southern wall the party decided to wipe the whole group out. They took every one of them out except for the zombies in the serving area who didn’t fight back.

After clearing out the hidden room in the south wall, the party started checking the other doors in the hall. The door directly north of the party led to a room full of zombies packed in tight. The next one back towards the stairs was even more full of Skeletons. The last one nearest the stairs was full of darkness. They moved into this room and were attacked by four shadows. Malven drove three of them into the corners of the room and the party engaged the last one.

The Road to the Bighton
Some zombies just wandered away?

The party returned to the town of Oakhurst on the evening of Fightday, Week 6, Phytonral, 1314 FR. The next day was Sixthday, and as such Malven had to stay in the temple of Pelor, making services with the two gnome priests.

After leaving the village of Oakhurst with the Sword of the Planes to return to the paladin’s family in the Capital city, and the apple of cureall from the Gulthias tree, the party traveled back to Weeton. They left Oakhurst on the morning of Funday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR, leaving Erky Timbers in the gentle care of the Priestess of Pelor. They minister to the Mage who the party left in care of her family and seem to be capable of getting her healthy mentally and physically.

Ruesday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

Weeton General Area

Stopping to camp once that evening, the party arrived back in Weeton in the evening of Ruesday. They spoke with the Mayor and Father Brand about the events in Oakhurst and it was agreed that they would return the paladin’s possesions to his family in the capital. Everyone visited their families or close associates and planned to leave in the morning for the Capital in the North.

Fleeday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

The group learned that a couple of zombies escaped from the Church grounds and were seen heading North. Seeing this as another strong indicator of purpose, they move north along the road out of Weeton.

Foeday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

They arrived at The Weary Merchant late in the evening and were given rooms for the cost of a few silver. They ate and drank and watched the bard on stage playing his lute and catching gold and silver in a hat at his feet. After they had eaten the bard flashed a badge sown into the inside of his top coat, a silver lute that could hardly be missed around the room.

The bard begged a moments respite from the crowd and stepped through a door at the rear of the establishment. The members of the party who saw the move with the emblem followed through a different door to intercept. They found him waiting for them at the back of the building with his lute stowed and his clothes turned for road travel.

He informed them that he was a member of the Silver Lute and that he had a message from Blaeric. The message was simple, follow the zombie lead first and come to the capital with the paladin’s possessions later. The city was not a place for them to be just yet. He then told them to apologize to the crowd for him but he could not continue his performance. He didn’t care what reason was used, he has shown his organizations emblem openly and could not then expect that agents of Hextor did not see. After some questioning they learn that the Silver Lute is a covert group within the government that worships Heironeous and battles Hextor, and that they used to have an allied group named the Silver Hand composed of paladins and such, but they were all killed over a decade ago through treachery.

After he left they retired to their rooms, telling the innkeeper that the bard had suddenly remembered a prior engagement.

Fightday, Week 1 Lydiam, 1314 FR

After leaving The Weary Merchant and continuing on the road North, the party encountered a group of zombies making their way north near the road, late in the afternoon. There were quite a few of them but they were spread out through the trees and therefore spread out on the attack, and the party made short work of them. A short time later they encountered a ranger slaying a dozen or so zombies in a clearing near the road. At that time Malven had a vision of the two zombies from Weeton returning to the light of Pelor and knew that this is where they were supposed to go.

The Ranger introduced himself as Zander and said he could lead the party to where all the undead were going. An abandoned sanitarium near Bighton seemed to be the center of the problem. He also told them that if they wanted to infiltrate he could disguise them as zombies. They take him up on his offer and continued north with Zander.

They all arrived at the sanitarium as evening was starting to settle in. Using their zombie disguises they planned their approach.

The Troll Highpriest
Who invited this guy?

Foeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR


Standing in his own 9’, dragon theme carved sarcophagus, is a green/grey skinned humanoid. His body appears shrunken but elongated and his skin is rubbery and putrid. His hair is long, thick and ropy. Holice has just thrown the lid back and the group is standing around him and the creature.

Taking the initiative the group subdues him. Antoine realizes that as a troll he must be burned or he will come back to life. Holice tosses the troll into the pit onto the spikes and after they infuse him with oil they burn him up. The sarcophagus is then cleaned for treasure.

The group rests before heading north into Goblin territory again.

Fightday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Citadel Final

Upon return to the Northern area the group finds that the goblins have become wary and sealed off portions of their lair. The way leads them directly to the leader area in the northwest corner with a vine covered pit in the center of the room.

After making short work of the head goblin and his retinue they make contact with the larger goblin population behind a large door. They are given all the treasure that was taken from the former group, dead or alive, and agree not to attack people in the area anymore.

Grove level

They proceed down into the lower level of the Citadel. At the bottom of the hole there are skeletons working the muck and twig blights planted there. They turn and kill the skellies and kill the twig blights. This brings a bugbear out of the northern cave and they slay him and his pet gator. In his home they find another tunnel down into the Underdark that the bugbear has been using to hunt.

They then scout out the southern tunnel which leads into a ravine but choose to move through the eastern door to engage some goblins working there. They are conscripts of the ‘Master Below’ and work in his lab here. They agree not to harass the team so they can take him out and free them. They show them the way out into the green house to the east.

The two green house rooms have a bugbear tending plants and fungus. The team moves past him but must kill the one in the arboretum to the north. The path out of there leads to a shrine of Ashardalon. There shadows try to kill the them but are themselves defeated.

Moving through and sacking a room that seemed to date back to when the Citadel was a dragon cult temple, they wind around and arrive at the area used as an office by the ‘Master Below’. They sack this as well for books and scrolls and move into the grove in the south.

The grove is huge, made up of strange trees and brambles, and they find twig blights throughout. In the southern end they find a set of ruins among the brambles and within the Gulthias tree, the ‘Master’, a giant frog, two humans with barklike skin, and a handful of twig blights. The ‘Master’ reveals himself to be the druid who came through the town a few years ago and the two humans are the Paladin and Mage from the first expedition. They have bonded with the Gulthias tree. The tree has a red apple extruding from the first large branch up the trunk.

After trying to convince the party to join him the druid and his cohorts are beaten. The Mage survives the exchange but the Paladin does not. The apple is taken from the tree and the tree destroyed. This sets off the crumbling of the lower Citadel level and grove so they take the Mage and leave.

In the town the Mage is returned to her family and the group is given the belongings of the paladin to return them to their previous owners household. The sword is actually a quite powerful Sword of the Planes.

Sleeping amongst the Elven dead
A gnome in the party is worth a dagger in the leg.

Fleeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Late afternoon/evening

The Citadel

Upon return to Yusdrayl, the party is rewarded with the dragon key and a mysterious invitation. Behind the walls of one of her larders they have found a tunnel leading deep into the earth. By the description Sol recognizes the Underdark. Yusdrayl gives the team an open invite to return in the future and explore the depths. The dragon key will be a pass card for them should they return and the guards will let them enter.
The party returns to the room with the door exuding cold. Malven focuses a turning attempt on the door and it opens to reveal five sarcophogi holding skeletons standing on the walls and an alter with items on it against the far wall. After destroying the skeletons which try to attack them, the party locks themselves in to spend the night, resting and identifying magic items.

Amongst the items found here is a whistle called an Azangund, or Night Caller in Dwarven.

Foeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Through the Dragon door

Morning arrives uneventfully and the party travels back south to the door engraved with a dragon and a keyhole for a mouth. They use the key to open the door and air puffs out in a hiss indicating that it has been sealed for a long time.

The room on the other side has one door on the west wall as well as three alcoves in the north wall and one in the south wall. In the northern alcoves there are three cracked and dark orbs on pedestals but the one in the south wall glows with a soft blue light and soft tinkling can be heard coming from that area. When the group moves into the room and gets closer to the southern wall the music swells into a brooding tune and tries to affect everyone in the room. Most are unaffected but the dwarf and the halfling begin running back out of the room away from the orb. Aldo runs ahead of them to slam the door of the last room shut and stop their progress. He stands in front of the door as they approach and Erky drives a dagger into his thigh. The affects pass and Erky apologizes. Aldo is healed and the orb is silenced which dampens its effects down enough for the party to pass.

The hallway leading to the next room had a pressure plate arrow trap but this is found and disarmed.

At the western end of that hallway a room contains a dragon statue. This statue is another dragon, although ten feet tall and without a basin or fountain mechanism. It is dust covered and as it is approached a mouth appears and says “We come at night without being fetched; we disappear by day without being stolen” in Common. At the pronouncement of ‘stars’ a secret door in the western wall opens.

The room on the other side has six alcoves with five statues, three on the north wall, two and the empty on the south wall. The westernmost alcove, being the empty, has a set of small long nailed humanoid footprints going from it to the pit lining the western wall. The pit fills the west end of the room and behind it is an open arch leading into the next room. A large sarcophagus can be seen in the center of the next room which is suffused with a greenish glow. The pit is ten feet deep and wide, and has spikes at the bottom.

After finding nothing of interest inside this part of the room, Holice leaps the pit and lands in front of the large (9’+) sarcophagus. Just as he lands a small clawed, winged humanoid moves from behind the wall and attacks him. Aldo leaps over the pit and they make short work of him with support from the dwarf and the wizard on the other side of the pit.

The rest of the party moves across the pit and explore the green lit room beyond. The floor and walls are covered with violet tile that is broken and cracked and the green glow is coming from an everburning torch set in a southeastern wall sconce. The large sarcophagus is carved in the shape of a dragon and has six rusted iron latches holding down the lid.

Holice breaks each of the latches and shoves the lid off to the ground. There is a flash of green light and a large green skinned humanoid rises up inside. The group braces for his attack.

The Kobold-Goblin Affair
Should goblins even have a dragon for a pet?

The Citadel

Fleeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Early Afternoon

Meepo is taking the party to see his leader. He leads them back to the room where he lost his charge but out out of a door north of the one they came in. He tells them that this is ‘the back way’ into the goblins part of this domain. Through a hall and through a room with thick layers of dust, they come out into a room with a sealed door and an old dragon shaped fountain.

The door exudes cold and has an inscription across the top about ‘channeling good’ to open the door. The fountain also had an inscription and when read a thick red potion seeped out of it’s mouth into the basin below. This was collected and discovered to be a potion of fire breath. The potion was taken and the door left for later examination.

Continuing north with Meepo they pass an alcove with a door and a series of broken cells whose doors hung open and seemed to be full of rubbish. The hall opens up into a room with another dragon fountain and two trap doors spiked open but only one other door. This fountain has a trap and it is easily avoided by not speaking the inscription. Aldo disables it for good measure.

Passing through the door the party enters a room full of trash and waste. They are almost immediately attacked by dire rats and one over-sized rat mama. After killing them they search the room and find the body of Karakas the Ranger, one of the first group of adventurers who came down here with the paladin. They also find a secret door in the west wall and pass through, entering the goblins’ domain.

The other side is a hall with doors north, south, and west. A pit trap is discovered and disabled at the end of the hall before the western door. There are several groups of goblins dispatched to the north and south. The door to the north is tied off using the bodies of the giant rat and the ranger as a counter weight tied dangling into the pit while the southern area is cleared. Goblin guards to the south of the hallway are killed at their posts or where they were practicing the javelin. More goblin guards at a game of cards to the north are killed as they sat around a large wooden table.

One of the doors in the south is opened and a goblin stockade is set free. There are several goblins and one gnome, a Fighter/Cleric of Garl Glittergold named Erky Timbers. He says he was captured by the goblins up on the road weeks ago and promises to help whenever he can. They give him some daggers to carry and bring him along.

Opening the door to the west the party sees a trashed trophy room covered in patches of ice. They see a blur and close the door quickly. Retrieving the large wooden table from the room in the north, Holice uses it to block up the hallway while letting the party bring the small white dragonling down, keeping them safe from his ice breath attack. The other door in the room to the south leads to a long room full of columns, empty but with many doors.

Calcryx and Meepo are taken back to Yusdrayl.

The Roach Inn

Here is mah small addition to this here journal, about ar’ little detour through the roach inn.

I was lagging behind, oiling the gears on the bow, Antoine was probably studying some book and Malven probably chanting his love of Pelor or something (whispers not that I have anything against ya) whatever we were doing, we fell behind, then we just fell. Some unseen trap (thanks Aldo) must have been triggered and the three of us fell…and fell…and fell. I knew it was about a thousand feet we fell, and somehow we survived, towards the bottom a great wind slowed us down, not quite a feather fall, but nothing broken.

Although it had all the trappings of an old, roughly built, dungeon, our interests was to find a way back to our group. While making our way through rooms and hallways we came across the usual fair.

Ancient evil cult carving? Ya can bet we destroyed that.
Halfling-sized ants? Killed them, found a deeper tunnel I assume to their home, no time for that.
An obvious treasure trap, but it was too tempting, our rewards, rocks and copper.
The owner of the Roach Inn? She was a nasty one, I remember getting snacked on, then nothing. Then, through the light of Pelar I assume, I was back in its jaws, but many bolts, fire and giant beatle, and our host was dead. Behind her we found another opening, this one had a great wind going up a large tunnel, perhaps our way out. Luckily we were right.


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