Growing up Wee.
Doesn't everyone live near the Wall?

Life in Weeton has been idyllic until now. Growing up here seems like the most normal thing in the world. The people in town don’t change, the town doesn’t change, and the Wall doesn’t change. Children grow up, apprentice to one of the four town leaders, and then choose how to seek their fortune. The only disturbance is the occasional drunk merchant guard or argument between the meanest couple in town. No one in town is ever sent to the Wall although the Law of the Realm is known to hold here as in other regions. Father Brand says that it is the blessing of Pelor that life is peaceful, but the average opinion in town is that being off the beaten path of the Realm is the true cause. The only travelers found in Weeton are going to or coming from Bighton.

Sunday, January 16th 2011
Foeday, Week three Phytonral 1314 FR

The Lost Prisoner

The Prisoner who could not rest in peace

Foeday in the 3rd week of Phytonral, 1341 FR

Our party had reasonable excuse to be hanging out with Mayor Wil, be it training, delivering missives or providing healing.
A prisoner transport caravan arrived to town, conspicuously missing its prisoner. Apparently House Justaire, keepers of laws of the realm, had decided to hire mercenaries who were more skilled at giving lip rather than keeping their charge. Of course, the caravan was also accompanied by guards of the royal house, who remained in gleaming armor, held their shields with the royal three-headed dragon high, and refused to acknowledge the mercenaries’ jibes, our own questions, or really that their assignment had lead them to a little hamlet of little consequence.
Wil, and later our party, learned the details of the prisoner. A somewhat skilled fighter, the former soldier was found to have killed the wrong soldier, and so he was to be transported to the Wall. Wil enlisted our plucky group to go find the soldier, quickly informing the other town leaders to join in his push to get us to track the prisoner into the Old Graveyard.
Father Brand knows well that the Old Graveyard is much like a crop field that has been lightly tilled, except that instead of the random squash or onion growing, undead will unpredictably spring up from the ground.
Fortunately, this trek could easily be concluded if we started in the early afternoon.
Unfortunately, we still ran into undead, in the form of ten to twelve skeletons.
- cue battle music
- epic battle
- cue victory theme
We picked up the trail of the prisoner, who apparently saw the initial stirrings of the skeletons, and was relieved to be captured by living pursuers.
When we returned to Weeton, we were delighted to learn that capture of the prisoner was only the first part of our job. Now our duties include escorting the prisoner to Storetrugate prison at the Wall…

Prisoner Escort


After being healed by Malven the group returns to the Mayor’s Hall with the prisoner in tow. Mayor Wil is very happy to see them.

The prisoner’s clothes are rags that were once fine silks.

He takes them over to Unlimited Mercantile explaining on the way that Sam Berrydale has a large cellar with a few rarely used cells. The prisoner will be more than comfortable. The Mayor says that Aldo Swiftfellow must have seen the cells, which he has.

When they get there Sam leads them down to the cellar. It is obviously larger than the building above and has several areas that are curtained or doored off. Sam asks the Mayor if the group could stand guard on the prisoner and the Mayor tells them they should set a watch here, although they can sleep in their own beds when not on their watch if they want.

The prisoner manages to make a lute appear in his cell while Aldo sets up some traps around the room.

During the night they will have learned Blaeric’s name. He tells them a story about how he was a popular bard who sang the wrong song and got sent to the Wall undeservedly. He is fuzzy on the details and thinks he may have killed a guard trying to get away but it wasn’t his fault.

Before morning there is a giant rat attack from the tunnels. These enormous rats look bigger and more vicious than most dogs. They have coarse, spiky fur, malevolent eyes, and long, naked tails. Sam arrives just as it finishes up and gets the group to help him board up that particular tunnel. He won’t say where it leads but says it isn’t important right now.


Fightday, Week Three Phytonral, 1314 FR

The next day Mayor Wil has a cart ready for the party. It has a ring bolted to the bottom for the chains on Blaeric, and was pulled by two horses. There are also light horses for each of the others who wishes to ride. He also gives them a map of the countryside showing the hunting track that circles past the Wall and Storetregayte Prison and then swings back over near Weeton. It should get them to the prison with little to no contact with travelers.

They will need to camp four times and should arrive in Storetregayte Prison midday of Fleeday, Week Four Phytonral, 1314 FR, barring any delays. Blaeric will sing the whole way and the party feels bolstered by it all the way to the prison.

On the Road to the Wall


Fightday, Week Three Phytonral, 1314 FR

Early on the first afternoon the goblin horde approaches from the south. The party encounters a scouting group of three goblins. The talk to them but it quickly degrades into them saying they will kill the party for the “Master”. After having to kill them The Badger rides off for Weeton to warm them of the horde as it seems to be heading north towards them. The goblins are little humanoids with flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths, and small sharp fangs. They seem to sit upright but their arms hang down below their waists. The have a symbol of a scythe on a black field on them.
Emblem of the goblin horde

Camping that night goes uneventfully. Blaeric offers to tell the story of the Wall and its builder Dyr Temme. At around six the Hermit’s animal companion, a mountain lion, arrives with a message that the Badger will wait in Weeton and help prepare for the goblins.

Sixthday, Week Three Phytonral, 1314 FR

This is the holy day of Pelor and the cleric rides on the cart so he can read his prayer book most of the day. Travel this day involves an attack from three dead tree creatures that come from the north. The wood stick creatures aren’t very powerful and when killed seem to be a bundle of twigs bound together. A good camp ground is found and a camp is set up. At camp Baeric tells the story of a druid who fell to darkness and used his power to harrass humanity.

Funday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

The rest of the trip goes uneventfully until they catch sight of the Prison.

Fleeday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

This morning they leave the path and begin traveling overland to the Prison. It is a large and dark, forboding structure. The Bard is very morose and his songs are very sad. Early in the afternoon two horsemen are seen heading towards the group.

Before they arrive the bard changes his appearance slightly, although still fitting his description. Although they notice they say nothing of it to the guards and he quietly thanks them. His lute disappears before they meet the guards.

As the guards approach they can be seen to be wearing dirty uniforms with the symbol of House Justiare. They are grimy looking and have horrible attitudes towards the party.

When they arrive they demand the cart to take the prisoner and are physically abusive to Blaeric. After making a mark on a sheet of paper to take back to the Mayor, they ride off toward the prison with the bleeding Bard.

The party watches them head toward the prison and turns to begin the journey back to Weeton.

The Broken Cabin


Fleeday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Without the cart the party travels at triple the speed it did with it. Without delays they can be back in Weeton by the end of the next day, Foeday. This night they can camp two camps back, the camp they used the second night after the stick creature attack.

The rest of that day and the night go uneventfully. The absence of Blaeric is obvious.

Foeday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

The next morning they begin the last day of travel home to Weeton. Shortly before noon they arrive at the spot where the strange stick creatures attacked. Lying across the path is a body. He has been ravaged by something sharp such as claws or talons. He leaves a trail of blood leading to the north, the same way the stick creatures came from. 1

Two hundred feet off the road a horse has been slaughtered and around it lays a collection of blood spattered sticks. It was bleeding before it died because it left a trail of blood similar to its rider back north. Following the trail of blood leads to the beginning of another path about a half mile away. This goes about two miles north deeper into the forest until it stops at a cabin nestled in a clearing near a small, clear stream.

A small shrine can be seen behind and to the right of the cabin with a well tended path and a headstone. A small pen on the other side of the cabin contains the remains of an indeterminate number of small animals, probably goats. The outside of the cabin is undisturbed, although a small dirt patch in the front yard seems to have had some plants pulled up recently without being raked down or tilled. The headstone whithin the shrine reads “Strield Angard, Beloved Wife” with a picture of an apple carved into the stone just below that. It is well tended and flowers grow all around it, blooming in orderly rows of blue, red, and yellow.

The cabin is open and there is small living space within. It has been tossed and there is nothing of more than sentimental value within except for Rel’s journal. It is inside his desk in an unlocked drawer.

It tells of the apple from Oakhurst Rel went to get to heal his wife. He got back after she died and he buried her, planting the apple in the front yard of the house. The last entry is him saying he heard a noise the night before and was going to stay up and see what it was.

The party buries Rel next to his wife and includes all the sentimental items they can find. Holice seals the cabin. They find the trail of the wood creatures going south and learned all the wood is apple. They also take the dirt that was torn up as it had some magical residue.

They head back to Weeton. They arrive late in the day and meet the Mayor in the Crafty Cat to tell him what has occurred. He has heard of Oakhurst and the party determines to go there to investigate the goblins that sold the apple.


Fightday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

They sell their take to Sam and buy stuff. They also decide to wait through Sixthday to allow Malven to be here for prayers. Father Brand tells him to bring the group with them for prayers.

Sixthday, W4 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Everyone goes to church to hear Father Brand do his Prayers. The rest of the day is spent amongst the villagers.


Funday, W5 Phytonral, 1314 FR

They travel through the woods and camp at the eastern edge.

Ruesday, W5 Phytonral, 1314 FR

The group hits the road around midday and Oakhurst at the end of the day. The mage identifies the Ashen Plain where Ashardalon made his ancient rampage.

Oakhurst Area

They arrive at the ’Ol Boar Inn and go in. There they meet Garon the barkeep. He offers them an ale and tells them information about the area.

Fleeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

They go to visit Corkie the Healer. She doesn’t like the apple arrangement and would like those stopped. She does name the Sunless Citadel as the ruins to the west. Antoine remembers hearing the name in connection to a dragon cult and wonders if it is connected to the Ashen Plain.

They then visit the constable, Felosian a female half-elf. She wants to find out about who is killing the cattle. She says it sounds like the stick creatures. She also tells the party that they are welcome to use the town as a base. She tells Garon to hold their rooms and stable the horses until they are done.

They make their way to the ruins after buying a few last minute items. It is seven miles to the ravine entrance.

The Pillars

Climbing down the rope to a ledge, Holice and Aldo kill three rats on the first ledge. They make their way down the switchback stairs below and come down into a crumbling courtyard. After disabling a pit trap they move through the only door in the citadel tower. The tower room has four dead goblins, two other doors and a secret pocket room in the south. The skeletons that come out of it are defeated by the light of Pelor and one of the goblins is covering the name Ashardalon carved into the wall. They move through the south west door. The room on the other side is empty except for a door with an elaborate dragon carving, un-pickable keyhole in the mouth.

After backtracking to the other door, they follow a tunnel to a room with a whimpering kobold hiding in the bedrolls. He says his name is Meepo and he kept the dragon that lived in the cage on the south wall. The cage has a large hole and is twisted out of shape. Meepo promises to take them to his leader who will make a deal with them if they recapture her dragon.

The Roach Inn

Here is mah small addition to this here journal, about ar’ little detour through the roach inn.

I was lagging behind, oiling the gears on the bow, Antoine was probably studying some book and Malven probably chanting his love of Pelor or something (whispers not that I have anything against ya) whatever we were doing, we fell behind, then we just fell. Some unseen trap (thanks Aldo) must have been triggered and the three of us fell…and fell…and fell. I knew it was about a thousand feet we fell, and somehow we survived, towards the bottom a great wind slowed us down, not quite a feather fall, but nothing broken.

Although it had all the trappings of an old, roughly built, dungeon, our interests was to find a way back to our group. While making our way through rooms and hallways we came across the usual fair.

Ancient evil cult carving? Ya can bet we destroyed that.
Halfling-sized ants? Killed them, found a deeper tunnel I assume to their home, no time for that.
An obvious treasure trap, but it was too tempting, our rewards, rocks and copper.
The owner of the Roach Inn? She was a nasty one, I remember getting snacked on, then nothing. Then, through the light of Pelar I assume, I was back in its jaws, but many bolts, fire and giant beatle, and our host was dead. Behind her we found another opening, this one had a great wind going up a large tunnel, perhaps our way out. Luckily we were right.

The Kobold-Goblin Affair
Should goblins even have a dragon for a pet?

The Citadel

Fleeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Early Afternoon

Meepo is taking the party to see his leader. He leads them back to the room where he lost his charge but out out of a door north of the one they came in. He tells them that this is ‘the back way’ into the goblins part of this domain. Through a hall and through a room with thick layers of dust, they come out into a room with a sealed door and an old dragon shaped fountain.

The door exudes cold and has an inscription across the top about ‘channeling good’ to open the door. The fountain also had an inscription and when read a thick red potion seeped out of it’s mouth into the basin below. This was collected and discovered to be a potion of fire breath. The potion was taken and the door left for later examination.

Continuing north with Meepo they pass an alcove with a door and a series of broken cells whose doors hung open and seemed to be full of rubbish. The hall opens up into a room with another dragon fountain and two trap doors spiked open but only one other door. This fountain has a trap and it is easily avoided by not speaking the inscription. Aldo disables it for good measure.

Passing through the door the party enters a room full of trash and waste. They are almost immediately attacked by dire rats and one over-sized rat mama. After killing them they search the room and find the body of Karakas the Ranger, one of the first group of adventurers who came down here with the paladin. They also find a secret door in the west wall and pass through, entering the goblins’ domain.

The other side is a hall with doors north, south, and west. A pit trap is discovered and disabled at the end of the hall before the western door. There are several groups of goblins dispatched to the north and south. The door to the north is tied off using the bodies of the giant rat and the ranger as a counter weight tied dangling into the pit while the southern area is cleared. Goblin guards to the south of the hallway are killed at their posts or where they were practicing the javelin. More goblin guards at a game of cards to the north are killed as they sat around a large wooden table.

One of the doors in the south is opened and a goblin stockade is set free. There are several goblins and one gnome, a Fighter/Cleric of Garl Glittergold named Erky Timbers. He says he was captured by the goblins up on the road weeks ago and promises to help whenever he can. They give him some daggers to carry and bring him along.

Opening the door to the west the party sees a trashed trophy room covered in patches of ice. They see a blur and close the door quickly. Retrieving the large wooden table from the room in the north, Holice uses it to block up the hallway while letting the party bring the small white dragonling down, keeping them safe from his ice breath attack. The other door in the room to the south leads to a long room full of columns, empty but with many doors.

Calcryx and Meepo are taken back to Yusdrayl.

Sleeping amongst the Elven dead
A gnome in the party is worth a dagger in the leg.

Fleeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Late afternoon/evening

The Citadel

Upon return to Yusdrayl, the party is rewarded with the dragon key and a mysterious invitation. Behind the walls of one of her larders they have found a tunnel leading deep into the earth. By the description Sol recognizes the Underdark. Yusdrayl gives the team an open invite to return in the future and explore the depths. The dragon key will be a pass card for them should they return and the guards will let them enter.
The party returns to the room with the door exuding cold. Malven focuses a turning attempt on the door and it opens to reveal five sarcophogi holding skeletons standing on the walls and an alter with items on it against the far wall. After destroying the skeletons which try to attack them, the party locks themselves in to spend the night, resting and identifying magic items.

Amongst the items found here is a whistle called an Azangund, or Night Caller in Dwarven.

Foeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Through the Dragon door

Morning arrives uneventfully and the party travels back south to the door engraved with a dragon and a keyhole for a mouth. They use the key to open the door and air puffs out in a hiss indicating that it has been sealed for a long time.

The room on the other side has one door on the west wall as well as three alcoves in the north wall and one in the south wall. In the northern alcoves there are three cracked and dark orbs on pedestals but the one in the south wall glows with a soft blue light and soft tinkling can be heard coming from that area. When the group moves into the room and gets closer to the southern wall the music swells into a brooding tune and tries to affect everyone in the room. Most are unaffected but the dwarf and the halfling begin running back out of the room away from the orb. Aldo runs ahead of them to slam the door of the last room shut and stop their progress. He stands in front of the door as they approach and Erky drives a dagger into his thigh. The affects pass and Erky apologizes. Aldo is healed and the orb is silenced which dampens its effects down enough for the party to pass.

The hallway leading to the next room had a pressure plate arrow trap but this is found and disarmed.

At the western end of that hallway a room contains a dragon statue. This statue is another dragon, although ten feet tall and without a basin or fountain mechanism. It is dust covered and as it is approached a mouth appears and says “We come at night without being fetched; we disappear by day without being stolen” in Common. At the pronouncement of ‘stars’ a secret door in the western wall opens.

The room on the other side has six alcoves with five statues, three on the north wall, two and the empty on the south wall. The westernmost alcove, being the empty, has a set of small long nailed humanoid footprints going from it to the pit lining the western wall. The pit fills the west end of the room and behind it is an open arch leading into the next room. A large sarcophagus can be seen in the center of the next room which is suffused with a greenish glow. The pit is ten feet deep and wide, and has spikes at the bottom.

After finding nothing of interest inside this part of the room, Holice leaps the pit and lands in front of the large (9’+) sarcophagus. Just as he lands a small clawed, winged humanoid moves from behind the wall and attacks him. Aldo leaps over the pit and they make short work of him with support from the dwarf and the wizard on the other side of the pit.

The rest of the party moves across the pit and explore the green lit room beyond. The floor and walls are covered with violet tile that is broken and cracked and the green glow is coming from an everburning torch set in a southeastern wall sconce. The large sarcophagus is carved in the shape of a dragon and has six rusted iron latches holding down the lid.

Holice breaks each of the latches and shoves the lid off to the ground. There is a flash of green light and a large green skinned humanoid rises up inside. The group braces for his attack.

The Troll Highpriest
Who invited this guy?

Foeday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR


Standing in his own 9’, dragon theme carved sarcophagus, is a green/grey skinned humanoid. His body appears shrunken but elongated and his skin is rubbery and putrid. His hair is long, thick and ropy. Holice has just thrown the lid back and the group is standing around him and the creature.

Taking the initiative the group subdues him. Antoine realizes that as a troll he must be burned or he will come back to life. Holice tosses the troll into the pit onto the spikes and after they infuse him with oil they burn him up. The sarcophagus is then cleaned for treasure.

The group rests before heading north into Goblin territory again.

Fightday, W6 Phytonral, 1314 FR

Citadel Final

Upon return to the Northern area the group finds that the goblins have become wary and sealed off portions of their lair. The way leads them directly to the leader area in the northwest corner with a vine covered pit in the center of the room.

After making short work of the head goblin and his retinue they make contact with the larger goblin population behind a large door. They are given all the treasure that was taken from the former group, dead or alive, and agree not to attack people in the area anymore.

Grove level

They proceed down into the lower level of the Citadel. At the bottom of the hole there are skeletons working the muck and twig blights planted there. They turn and kill the skellies and kill the twig blights. This brings a bugbear out of the northern cave and they slay him and his pet gator. In his home they find another tunnel down into the Underdark that the bugbear has been using to hunt.

They then scout out the southern tunnel which leads into a ravine but choose to move through the eastern door to engage some goblins working there. They are conscripts of the ‘Master Below’ and work in his lab here. They agree not to harass the team so they can take him out and free them. They show them the way out into the green house to the east.

The two green house rooms have a bugbear tending plants and fungus. The team moves past him but must kill the one in the arboretum to the north. The path out of there leads to a shrine of Ashardalon. There shadows try to kill the them but are themselves defeated.

Moving through and sacking a room that seemed to date back to when the Citadel was a dragon cult temple, they wind around and arrive at the area used as an office by the ‘Master Below’. They sack this as well for books and scrolls and move into the grove in the south.

The grove is huge, made up of strange trees and brambles, and they find twig blights throughout. In the southern end they find a set of ruins among the brambles and within the Gulthias tree, the ‘Master’, a giant frog, two humans with barklike skin, and a handful of twig blights. The ‘Master’ reveals himself to be the druid who came through the town a few years ago and the two humans are the Paladin and Mage from the first expedition. They have bonded with the Gulthias tree. The tree has a red apple extruding from the first large branch up the trunk.

After trying to convince the party to join him the druid and his cohorts are beaten. The Mage survives the exchange but the Paladin does not. The apple is taken from the tree and the tree destroyed. This sets off the crumbling of the lower Citadel level and grove so they take the Mage and leave.

In the town the Mage is returned to her family and the group is given the belongings of the paladin to return them to their previous owners household. The sword is actually a quite powerful Sword of the Planes.


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