The Final Visitations
Pelor and Heironeous make their final case.

As the last of the Dragons flies away from the castle they give one final look back at the city with what appears to be disdain. The rest of the castle is deceptively dark and quiet now, and the echoes of the party’s footfalls follow them out.
Exiting the main gate of the castle, the courtyard and then the remains of the city come into view. Soldiers, including Lord Carroway and his entourage are moving across the courtyard and looking to meet up with the party.
If anyone can see it, the Avatar of Hextor is running towards the courtyard and the castle. He is aiming for the fighter and very angry.

The avatars of Heironeous and Pelor stand before the party, having returned the party to full abilities. They speak to the entire group but Pelor seems to be focused on Malven and Heironeous seems to be talking to Aldo and Holice, no matter where they are in the area. Heironeous talks of the Chalice that was taken from him early on in the days of creation. Pelor talks of his own secret child with a demon that seduced him, Black Son, known to all as the Broken Word, slain at the hands of the party. Pelor told only his highest priests and Malven was informed before the crossing of the Wall so that he could make sure they followed through. Heironeous and Pelor have both conspired to bring down the Wall and get the party to do their bidding. That is now over.
The Chalice of Heironeous is his child, a daughter named Hellenaea, who was kidnapped by her uncle just after his falling out with his half-brother, and taken to his Obsidian City. Dyr Temme was then manipulated into building the Wall, trapping the evil below but sealing Helenaea in Hextor’s domain. The two sides were locked on either side of the Wall for thousands of years.

Both sides of the divine divide remain engaged with their followers at the front. Now is the time for a small group to go into the Obsidian City and retrieve Hellenaea. It will frustrate Hextor and tip the balance in the war.

She is being held deep within the Obsidian City, perhaps through a door or portal to another dimension. Neither deity has been able to detect her and now that the Wall has fallen they should be able to.

I am standing by the seashore..

The King is dead, his spirit is to be absent from the body, it is to be sent to his cursed god, now only the dust returns to ground, like vengeance, empty. Maybe his spirit can be forgiven by the Arch-Paladin, who gave it; his dragons are gone but the havoc they have wrought still remains.

Now the Lord waits in the wings; the land I love, the land of my fore fathers can be re-built with his guidance, his wisdom. Woe to him if he falls to the same path of the fallen king, for the only thing that can fill this hole in my heart is more vengeance.

I see myself standing by the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength, and I stand and watch until at last she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sun and sky come down to mingle with each other.

Am I done my Lord or is there more I must do avenge our fallen?

Gallows Pole

Weee Weeee Weeee! I can see how some hapless mage could have taken the top off a mountain! Oh this thing is FUN! I must remember to conserve my energy however. It is draining to augment my spells such. It served for the Bonetaker however. Fortunately no such augmentation was required for the guards in the hall. I have rarely seen Cer’ulnem so pleased with a plan. I almost feel sorry for these Kingsguard, but if they had chosen better in employers they would still be breathing. I hope that we are able to take care of the Tyrant King before they find a way through the iron I placed in the doorway. Fortunately we were able to save the house staff. I only hope that they will remain safe and not be forced to endure anymore such as they have. Not much is to be said for the road from here on out. We deal with the King and anything else that may stand in our way. Dragons or no, this day will see an end. Our group will will make sure of that!

Home is where Hell is..

The hammering of building, the sound children running and playing in the air. The smell of fresh baked bread and meat being smoked. The laughing of the comradely of men, the hushed talking and giggle of the women. Knights teaching their squires, horsemanship, sword play, and the noble code of chivalry. Life, not all perfect but good, progress, moving forward with the kingdom into the future.

You can still see all of it in the ruble of this place, like the faint image of a shadow in your eye as the lights are flashed on. The buildings were life was growing, smashed. The places were the cooking happened, burned. Where the women giggled now just lays defiled ground. At the most holiest of places were the priests of Heironeous prayed, the images of hextor’s agents stabbing them in the back can still be imagined, and being see through a child’s eye it would be hell.

The rage I thought that was there before is nothing, it was but a spark. The hate I feel in my heart to any follower of hextor burns with a rage that will only be sated when every one of his followers will not only be killed and defiled but left in unmarked graves and their names be struck from history along with their worthless god. In this life or the next I will have vengeance.

Goblins and Cultists and Dragons..Oh My!

And still the false king is a thorn in our sides. After getting ourselves squared away and our (mostly) booze fueled reunion with the mayor we find out that the king was set aside by our friend and ally Lord Caraway. Instead of having the decency to slink away to another prepared location to strike at the country he has so savagely wronged he turned ten dragons loose on the capital and is laying continuous siege to it. With the collapse of the wall Lord Caraway had no choice but to send a substantial force south to meet the brunt of the on rushing hordes. (Thank you Lady of Flowers for being able to use her magical arts to thwart the brutes advance long enough for someone to reinforce Weeton) So now with nonhuman elements of his army facing an ever expanding force of evil, Lord Caraway has taken his human forces into the capitol to battle the usurper and has called for our aid in dealing with the threat. Once again forces beyond our control have denied our crusade into the south to reclaim the chalice for Heironious. We have a spot of good news however. Our stocks nephilium have grown rapidly and our good smith will be able to craft us weapons and armor for our push south.

Houses of the Holy

So we have taken on the worst (ish) the abyss has to send, what to do next… we send the unholy artifact that made him so powerful to the most upstanding member of the good godly arena we can think of, Pelor. What does he have to say… um… yes. Ok, so not the definitive answer we were hoping for, but still it answers the whole what to do with this monstrous thing. Well I have read a few things about this plane and I have to say it is certainly not living down to expectations. While we are on the subject of things I read, did you know that many planes don’t run on the same time stream that we experience in the prime material one… wait… how many months? Oh. Well sorry. I guess you guys didn’t know about that. NO! I did not know… for CERTAIN. Well I guess someone should have asked about that a little earlier. WHAT, do I have to think of everything? There are plenty of members of this group who know about the planes… Yes I have heard of that but I have also heard of a plane of nothing but giant assholes that spring nothing but flying pigs… did you know of that one?! Back off! Anyway, I just hope we are in time to stop any problems that may have arisen since our absence.

A travel advisory, avoid the Abyss

They say hell is hot; well the Abyss is no picnic ether. The mockery of angels that attacked us was as painful as I thought it would be, but due to the way that we worked together we were able to bring them down. But even with them dead looking for a focus/engine that would be dragging the chunk of the Abyss to the prime material plane, somewhere in the Abyss, where do you start? The Abyss is a huge place, it is a plane..and did I mention it is warm here..it is, like unbearably hot. Only by the powers of our priest and mage are we able to stand this oppressive heat.

With not much to go on we spot a pillar of smoke, with Vrocs circling it, with that and a demonic trail heading towards it. We stand around trying to figure a way to get over there. This is something I find that I have to look into. I truly hate having to rely on others for a ride. Hmmm back to thinking about a boat, a nice cool ocean breeze, not oppressive heat and demons wanting to chew on you.

At the pillar of smoke we found the burning wreckage of a building and dispatch the demonic Vrocs, (yes I know that is redundant, but if you saw them they really are demon demons) Wishing to get out of here the warrior handled some other creatures as I searched the wreckage. We found some monstrous bronze doors that opened up into a pit.

So we now are going into the pit. (Yes I know into a pit in the Abyss, also redundant)

Welcome to The Abyss...Soul Searing Depression Optional but Appropriate

Ahhh welcome to the Abyss. Not here 2 minutes and we are down 2 elves. But I am getting ahead of myself. After I lost Red Wisdom, Antoine began scouring down the library for any indication of what he was after. Baleric took his men and the refugees back across the wall to Weeton before the rest of us tore open reality. The scouts spotted movement in the cottage and after Aldo scouted the premises Antoine and Mulven handily destroyed a bodak. Antoine informed us that whatever else was going to happen that the home plane of the Broken Word was going to smash through into our world in a day and a half. I spent a day bonding to my blade pouring the power of the Arch-Paladin through it to strengthen it for the coming trials. A holy tome of Heironeous was discovered among the books. A tome written in the celestial tongue. Detailing the “chalice” of Heironeous, an object (or more likely a person) that the Arch-Paladin holds dear. Information that makes this mission even more critical. We need to clear up these dimensional anomalies before we can travel to the city that holds the Chalice. We gathered in the chapel for Antoine to perform the ritual upon the alter. Immediately upon completion the northern part of the chapel was filled with thick vines and betoothed man-sized blossoms. Then an insane man lept through the portal. Some insane gibbering and several rapier strokes to the back later and no more insanity. Several more sword strokes and voila no more man eating flowers either. And then it happened. A voice spoke to me. Surely not the Voice of the Arch-Paladin but a messenger none the less. “It is time to assist Aldo with his task.” was the message. Imagine my surprise when Aldo had no idea what I was talking about. But he did fish out the nefilium whistle that was glowing like a beacon. With a resigned shrug he blew the whistle and with that one innocuous action Aldo and I destroyed the Wall that had separated our lands from the ravening hoards to the south. Even as I write those words I don’t know how I feel about that. Surely we have put the peoples of the north in immense peril. But I know that Heironeous would not have instructed us to do this if we had no chance of victory. It may cost me my life but I know that we will push our way through the forces of the abyss and march on to recapture the Chalice. I have no idea how we will prevail in this blasted Pit, but I have faith.

Communication Breakdown

We have come to the end of the line, and the head of the Demons. As we finish off the last of the areas in this accursed Abby, we enter a library. Upon entering we hear a cordial voice inform us "I don’t want to fight (which is a line that almost never works). We decide to hear him out, even if it was in abyssal. He begins to attempt to make his case. There were many points of contention, such as his desire to devour more souls, or his glee in the continued efforts to bring forth the domain of the Broken Word to the Prime Material Plane. Before long however, his natural preconceptions make him jump to the conclusion that my simple, non-offensive spell was meant as a gesture of hostility. Of course, with the breakdown of communications, we were forced to react in kind.

His speed and natural abilities were however perfectly suited to running away from this superior group of combatants. Nevertheless, we nearly manage to catch up to him.

In the end however it would appear that he has gotten away. I have no doubt that we will meet up with him again. Perhaps next time I can get a clipping of Tenari wings. I do so enjoy having a stocked alchemy lab…

Herd, Flock...A Murder

So at least we know that things here travel in groups. But what would you call a group of statues? Are they like ants…an Army or maybe tough like cockroaches an Intrusion. IF the statues were bigger I think they might be like a cormorants a Gulp. You know I think I will mark them down as a Parcel…so yes there was a parcel of statues that attacked us. You could sneak past them, but truly with a warrior, and a priest? It does say something when a dwarf one of the more sneaky people in your party. Hey adventures come in a “party”. Odd when all they do is break things, I have been to parties like that but it normally turns out bad when the tab comes due.

So then to the human organ…well that sounds bad, but really it is like a human pipe organ…but again like 6 people…what would that be? Not a party, maybe a crowd? No, what are prisoners call in groups…not a riot. Well they where followers of that bastard god so they where corpses, that just did not know that they where dead yet.

Then to the Vrocks? I quickly think of them as a Murder, but they do have that crane look, so a Seige or Sedge? They worked on us like they where a murder though. I need to work more on a leaping attack my friend Holice almost went to meet the Arch-Paladin because I was not fast enough.

I will have to move and attack faster or this party will not end happy.


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