Communication Breakdown

We have come to the end of the line, and the head of the Demons. As we finish off the last of the areas in this accursed Abby, we enter a library. Upon entering we hear a cordial voice inform us "I don’t want to fight (which is a line that almost never works). We decide to hear him out, even if it was in abyssal. He begins to attempt to make his case. There were many points of contention, such as his desire to devour more souls, or his glee in the continued efforts to bring forth the domain of the Broken Word to the Prime Material Plane. Before long however, his natural preconceptions make him jump to the conclusion that my simple, non-offensive spell was meant as a gesture of hostility. Of course, with the breakdown of communications, we were forced to react in kind.

His speed and natural abilities were however perfectly suited to running away from this superior group of combatants. Nevertheless, we nearly manage to catch up to him.

In the end however it would appear that he has gotten away. I have no doubt that we will meet up with him again. Perhaps next time I can get a clipping of Tenari wings. I do so enjoy having a stocked alchemy lab…


I failed. Not fast enough to react nor fleet enough of foot the thrice cursed demon was allowed to escape. We found the area where the demons “prepare” their food and managed to free a goodly number of future meals, Thank Heironeous. Aldo seems to have earned a loyal following in this group of survivors. So much so that they seem reluctant to be out of arms length of Aldo let alone out of sight of him. Baleric used his bardic abilities to put the group asleep so we could continue our mission. With the escape (or supposed escape) of Redwind the library he was occupying is open for investigation. Hopefully its knowledge will give Antoine insight into our enemies motives or at least knowledge he lacked previously. This all bodes ill for our sojourn into the abyss. We need a trip back to Weeton for supplies before that bag of offal is opened.

Communication Breakdown

This place is clean of inhabitants, but the building still stands. Truly this place needs to be raise, ground salted, a holy pyre build, burned with a cleansing flame, ground tiled, burned again, and a have the ground consecrated, and left for nature to purify. Maybe in a century or two it can be thought that something could be built there. Maybe test it with a tree or something….

I do need to work/study these creatures and there abilities that force their will on you regardless. I first though it must just be my weak will. But I know the follower of Pelor, and the mage have stout willpower. The warrior and dwarf have a fortitude that compares to their willpower, and I know all of them where blown back much as I was. Thus it must be a power of them to make people submit, no matter what. I then thought it might be a tactical mistake that we did. Waiting as we talked to this creature, but since it could force his will at anytime and make us reel back, then turn invisible or shape shift at will, the only thing we could have done is try to kill him before he could react. Since it move almost as fast as me that was going to happen.

Maybe next time the Arch-Paladin will grant us the powers for a chance at dispatching this thing.

Communication Breakdown

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