Herd, Flock...A Murder

So at least we know that things here travel in groups. But what would you call a group of statues? Are they like ants…an Army or maybe tough like cockroaches an Intrusion. IF the statues were bigger I think they might be like a cormorants a Gulp. You know I think I will mark them down as a Parcel…so yes there was a parcel of statues that attacked us. You could sneak past them, but truly with a warrior, and a priest? It does say something when a dwarf one of the more sneaky people in your party. Hey adventures come in a “party”. Odd when all they do is break things, I have been to parties like that but it normally turns out bad when the tab comes due.

So then to the human organ…well that sounds bad, but really it is like a human pipe organ…but again like 6 people…what would that be? Not a party, maybe a crowd? No, what are prisoners call in groups…not a riot. Well they where followers of that bastard god so they where corpses, that just did not know that they where dead yet.

Then to the Vrocks? I quickly think of them as a Murder, but they do have that crane look, so a Seige or Sedge? They worked on us like they where a murder though. I need to work more on a leaping attack my friend Holice almost went to meet the Arch-Paladin because I was not fast enough.

I will have to move and attack faster or this party will not end happy.


We are inn dire need of long distance communication. I found myself over confident. I thought that the group I traveled with wouldn’t need my help dispatching this group of Vroks. I failed to account for the fact that there might be more to this threat than normal Vroks. I came onto the scene just in time to see Holis laying motionless on the ground and Aldo just finishing off the last of the enemies. I feel guilty for not showing up sooner. If I had, then perhaps Holis may not have endured the close call he did. I had thought I excelled at preparation. Obviously even I am prone to complacency.

I will rectify this. This cannot happen again!

Herd, Flock...A Murder

I believe it might be time to think with something other then my sword. As a kensai I am bound to my blade, but that doesn’t mean I can forget my armor. Thank Pelor and Heironeous that I wasn’t called to the afterlife in that Vroc encounter. {And I think I’ll cast my vote for a Blight of Vroc. Seems appropriate for any grouping of demons.) How many of these defenses were part of the original construction and how many were added later? The statues might have been part of the original temple, but I can’t imagine Hextor worshipers leaving them intact. Who knows..perhaps it amused them to think of turning the temples defenses against the faithful. More of Hextor’s sycophants find mercy at the end of my blade. It is too bad we couldn’t preserve them as a warning about treating with demons. Fools. Thank you Heironeous for keeping my sword arm strong and my blade keen.

Herd, Flock...A Murder

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