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Weeton is a small town of the Realm at the end of Southron Road out of Bighton. It lies just north of The Wall. Far to the north lies the Capital, Kongarest.

The Realm runs on similar days and year cycles but they have a different calendar.

We have a few adjustments to the basic rules. House Rules Hopefully nothing to crazy that House Justiare will have us sent to The Wall.

New rules on adventure logs

He who writes an adventure log shall receive the on time bonus again in xp, for the week of the adventure. He who makes a useful comment shall receive half that. The DM reserves the right to shift that up or down. The adventure log shall either rotate or the GM can assign the duty if desired. The cut off for comments will be the beginning of the next game, although the first deadline (8-28) will be pushed back to the end of game.

On Time Bonus

The Bonus as of 8-28 shall be 1500 xp, likewise the Adveture Log writer bonus. The comment bonus is 750xp.

Main Page

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